Sep 15, 2020
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Timati joked about his breakup with Anastasia Reshetova

09:51, 09/15/2020

The rapper ridiculed the information that Morgenstern caused the breakup.

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Last Friday, Anastasia Reshetova made a statement on her microblog on Instagram, in which she said that she and Timati broke up after six years of relationship. She did not name the specific reasons for the discord, noting only that no third parties were involved in this story. Moreover, Ratmir's parents remained on good terms and still spend time together.

Timati did not comment on the separation from his beloved, but yesterday he published a picture in Stories in which Nastya and Timati's discord is ridiculed. Moreover, there is a joking hint that Morgenstern, who won the Woman of the Year award last week, could have caused the breakup. Reshetova, in turn, repost this Stories and laughed at it.

Timati joked about his breakup with Anastasia Reshetova

It is worth noting that not everyone believed in the separation of the model from the rapper. Some fans suggested that in this way Timati and Nastya are trying to draw attention to their couple. However, Reshetova yesterday sharply responded to ill-wishers, noting that she would never "hype" on her own family and make a show out of parting.

“The fact that we communicate closely and after the breakup is normal. After all, we have a bunch of common topics and things to do besides Ratmirchik)) Yes, you may think that it is very selfish on the part of the parents to disperse almost immediately after the birth of the child. I never thought that I would do it, given that the divorce of my parents lasted a long time and everything happened in front of my eyes, leaving a mark on the child's psyche. Then I promised myself that my future family would never face this. But again. Everything that is not done is for the best. Now it should be like that, "- wrote Reshetova in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. - Prim. line.).

Nastya and Timati continue to raise their son Ratmir together

Recall that Timati is parting with his beloved for the second time after the birth of a child. The same thing happened in 2014, when Alena Shishkova gave the rapper a daughter, Alice. Moreover, many assumed that Timati left Alena specifically for Anastasia, but none of the participants in the triangle ever commented on such speculations. We add that Timati met with Alena for three years. They parted a year after the birth of Alice.

Despite the break with Alena, Timati continues to communicate with her and take an active part in her daughter's life. The girl regularly sees her father, travels with him, and Shishkova does not interfere with this at all. Anastasia promised that Ratmir would also be raised in the love of both parents. In addition, Reshetova stressed that she would like to turn the relationship with Timati into an "ideal parental tandem."

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