Apr 9, 2021
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Timati did not approve of the competition in the show “Bachelor”, in which the participants had to throw a cake in each other’s face

19:02, 04/09/2021

The rapper was deeply puzzled by the strange test.

Eighth season of the show “Bachelor“Continues to amaze not only the audience, but also the participants. This time the producers of the project prepared a lot of surprises for the main characters of the project. So, unexpectedly for Timati and the girls who are fighting for his heart, new participants appeared in the third issue. It turned out that not everyone was able to fly to the party in Moscow due to the borders closed during the pandemic. However, the girls managed to come to the UAE, where the main reality filming took place. Then Timati was shocked by this news, because he did not expect such a catch.

In the new issue, Timati will see the real characters of the girls. So, the presenter announced a competition called “Sweet Revenge”. “Everything is very simple. Timur will decorate this plate with whipped cream. You can throw this plate in the face of any participant in the show, “- said the host of the project Mikhail Belyanin… Timati reacted negatively to the rules. “It sounds as disturbing as possible. I cannot say that I am delighted with this competition, but still … ”- he said. Many participants in the project sharply commented on what was happening, noting that this test was not very pleasant.

Timati was greatly puzzled by the contest called “Sweet Revenge”

We will remind that earlier Timati spoke ambiguously about the participants. The rapper said that many of them came to the project not for his sake, but in order to promote themselves. However, the musician did not disclose the names of the heroines. By the way, after the release of the first episode, the audience of the project identified the favorite of the musician. Allegedly, the winner of the show will be Maria Weber.

Soon after the start of the romantic reality TV Timati went to rest in the Maldives with Weber. As part of a surf camp organized by the rapper, the girl visited the islands not only in the company of the musician himself, but also his seven-year-old daughter from Alena Shishkova Alisa and mother Simona. During the rest, Maria had fun at the girl’s birthday party, and also rode with her on a wooden boat. Weber admitted that she was able to get along with Timati’s daughter.

Shot of the eighth season of the show “Bachelor”

It is noteworthy that a month before the publication of information about Timati’s participation in “The Bachelor”, the artist broke up with his beloved Anastasia Reshetovawith which they have been together since 2015. In October 2019, their son Ratmir was born. “We are no longer one whole, not husband and wife, do not live together. It was a wonderful 6 years from the moment we met until this summer. We were best friends, lovers, partners. There was a lot between us and it was great !!! But in this life there is nothing eternal and everything tends to end, ”Reshetova complained then in her microblog on Instagram.

Timati with Anastasia Reshetova and their son Ratmir

Anastasia, in turn, after disclosing information about Timati’s participation in the project, denied rumors that they could meet after the end of the reality show. “It would not be a pity that my son would grow up without a father by his side, but after“ The Bachelor ”I am not going to get along with anyone. I have my own principles and vision of how a family should exist. Reality shows don’t fit there, ”the model concluded in the Stories section of her Instagram microblog.

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