Oct 17, 2020
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Timati and Yegor Creed released a joint video “Starfall” after rumors about the conflict

15:05, 10/16/2020

The video starred Djigan, Guf, Morgenstern and Sasha ST.

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On October 8, it became known that the hero of the new season of the romantic reality show "The Bachelor" will be the popular rapper Timati. The artist recently broke up with his beloved Anastasia Reshetova. The couple lived together for a long time and managed to acquire a common child. However, in early September, Reshetova announced her separation from Timati after six years of relationship. The 37-year-old musician has become one of the country's most eligible suitors. The news that 25 participants in the show will fight for Timati's heart this year has caused a resonant reaction from many celebrities.

The ex-participant of the show, singer Yegor Creed, also voiced his opinion about Timati's participation in The Bachelor. In his microblog on Instagram, the artist gave a caustic comment, clearly hinting that the former mentor was copying him. “I left Black Star, recorded a fit with Morgenstern, and went to the Bachelor show. What's next ?! "- Egor wrote (the spelling and punctuation of the authors here and below are given without changes - Prim. row.). In the comments under this post, Timati himself did not fail to answer. The rapper made it clear that he did not appreciate the joke and he did not like Yegor's words. “Next we will have a conflict,” said Timati. The artist also added a dismissive address and asked if Creed was ready to face him.

Timati with ex-lover Anastasia Reshetova

It is worth noting that the friendly relationship between Yegor and Timati soured after Creed left the Black Star label. The artists not only stopped communicating, but also since then have not missed the opportunity to make fun of each other. For example, in the video for your own with Daney Milokhin and Djigan Timati took a bite of a piece of cake in the shape of Creed's figure. And after a joint concert on the roof of an SUV, for which the artists could get 15 days of arrest, the founder of Black Star made fun of Yegor's inability to stay in difficult conditions for a long time.

However, today the artists surprised their fans and released a joint video "Starfall", in which they ridiculed their conflict. The video begins with how Timati calls Creed to shoot a clip together, he first discards, then says that the idea is not very good. As a result, of course, the track was recorded and the video was shot. The video also starred fellow musicians Dzhigan, Guf, Morgenstern and ST. In two hours, the clip has gained almost half a million views.

Timati and Yegor Creed released a joint video "Zvezdopad"

In fact, the music video is a parody of Drake and Justin Bieber's joint video "Popstar", which was released about a month ago. Bieber became its main character, but in reality he only opened his mouth to Drake's track. In the "domestic" version, Creed became Timati's voice. Yegor's own words were never heard in the video, although at the end of the video there was an intriguing inscription “To be continued”.

By the way, Yegor Creed is not the first star to speak out about Timati's decision to seek his new love on television. Matchmaker Roza Syabitova, singer Rita Dakota and even Timati's ex-lover Anastasia Reshetova also shared their opinion about the main character of the 8th season of "The Bachelor". That said, none of these comments were positive. However, the rapper himself replied in his microblog that he was not interested in the opinion of mothers and any "second-rate" singers.

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