Apr 10, 2021
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Timati admitted that he came to the show “Bachelor” not to find a new lover

11:27, 04/10/2021

The musician noted that the project will not make him more popular.

Two weeks ago Timati released a video for his new song “Choker”. In it, the musician decided to shoot the heroines of the eighth season of the show “The Bachelor”. In addition, from the very beginning, the rapper changed some of the rules of the project and himself invited several participants to the shooting. The audience even identified Timati’s favorite. Allegedly, the winner of the show will be Maria Weber.

However, the rapper made a big statement today. In the Stories section of the microblogging on Instagram, he wrote that he did not come to the project to find his love. According to the musician, this phrase sounds vulgar and cheap. In addition, the rapper noted that the project will not make it more popular, and participation in it has nothing to do with the fee.

Timati explained why he decided to participate in the “Bachelor”

“I am constantly asked the question, who won the Bachelor ?! The other part fiercely pours forecasts, relying on all sorts of public, in the absence of the ability to independently analyze … I did not come here to work off the fee .. This project will not make me more popular … I did not come here to “find my love”, it just sounds cheap and gone … Then why am I here? I’m here to turn tic-tac-toe into King’s Gambit. And believe me, I can do it. It’s just that you haven’t completely erased all the clichés associated with Timati) And here Timur Ildarovich Yunusov comes into his own. I think that this is the first and last television project in which you can see a retrospective of the personal, “wrote Timati (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. – Prim. line.).

It is worth noting that earlier Timati spoke ambiguously about the participants. The rapper said that many of them did not come to the project for his sake, but in order to promote… However, the musician did not disclose the names of the heroines.

Shot of the eighth season of the show “Bachelor”

Recall that in the eighth season of “The Bachelor” ten girls will compete for Timati’s heart. The new part of the romantic reality began to air only in March, but has already managed to break several records. Thus, the first episode received more concurrent views than any other episode of the program in the entire history of the project. In addition, an unprecedented number of girls from all over Russia and the CIS countries have applied to participate in the show with the 37-year-old rapper. More than 30 thousand people have expressed a desire to become applicants for the location of the star in the “Bachelor”.

Despite the numbers and statistics that prove the unequivocal success of the new season with Timati, angry reviews continue to come to reality. Even before the first episode aired, the project received a huge amount of criticism. The personality of the bachelor caused a resonance, since many believed that the rapper was taking part in the show only for the sake of popularity. After the start of the season, the program was also accused of sexism. There were so many dissatisfied that Timati could not ignore them. In his microblog on Instagram, the musician recorded a video in which he addressed critics. However, the rapper simply made fun of the ill-wishers.

Timati apologized to women

It is noteworthy that a month before the publication of information about Timati’s participation in “The Bachelor”, the artist broke up with his beloved Anastasia Reshetovawith which they have been together since 2015. In October 2019, their son Ratmir was born. By the way, Anastasia immediately denied rumors that she and Timati could get together after the end of the reality show.

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