Jan 29, 2021
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Tiktoker navalists made protests attractive even for children

Tiktoker navalists made protests attractive even for children

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

On the morning of January 28, it became known about the detention of a native of Chechnya Said-Muhammad Jumaeva, who had a fight with riot policemen during an unauthorized rally in Moscow on January 23.

Formerly assistant to a State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanova Tatiana Lazina stated that the young man repented of his deed, found himself on the square by chance and did not support Navalny. It is possible that soon the public will see a video of Dzhumaev’s apology. Recently, public repentance has become a specific practice in the North Caucasus.

And here is another detained participant in the events of January 23 – a nineteen-year-old Tiktok blogger Konstantin Lakeev (Kostya Kievsky) has already apologized to the police for damaging his company car. At the same time, he looked rather pathetic. “More than this one hundred percent will not happen again” – babbled the blogger. It turned out that online success does not guarantee an adequate understanding of reality.

Special services figured out Lakeev and detained him in a rented house – “tiktok house”, where he lived with other bloggers. The young man was already charged with hooliganism and damage to property, and was left in the isolation ward for the night. According to OVD-Info, the investigation will petition the Presnenskiy District Court to detain the blogger.

Also hurried to apologize to the police Timur Salikhov, detained for participating in a fight with a policeman. He referred to “crowd influence.” Salikhov was charged under Part 1 of Art. 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (application of violence against a representative of the authorities, not dangerous to life or health). During interrogation, he fully admitted his guilt and was arrested by the court for two months.

In total, following the results of the actions on January 23, the Investigative Committee opened 22 criminal cases. Materials on six more episodes are in the pre-investigation stage. In addition to the articles mentioned above, we are talking about the involvement of minors in illegal actions (Navalny’s associate became a defendant – Leonid Volkov) and calls for riots.

Calls for unauthorized actions spread over the Internet have become a headache for the authorities. The Moscow prosecutor’s office issued warnings to the heads of five Russian and foreign Internet companies. “We would like them … not to provide their platforms for the promotion of such actions,” Dmitry Peskov said.

Roskomnadzor claims that the networks began to remove controversial content. The authorities are particularly concerned about the popular TikTok among teenagers. The head of his Russian branch was even invited to talk to the State Duma. “We have accumulated questions,” explained the chairman of the commission to investigate foreign interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation. Vasily Piskarev

– I was at Lakeev this morning, – told “SP” member of the POC of Moscow Marina Litvinovich… – He is being held in an isolation ward on Petrovka in the same cell with an already convicted person who is now being charged under a grave article. And Lakeev’s both articles are not grave. This is a violation, and we demanded to have them seated. Law enforcers, in order to put pressure on inexperienced inmates, often put experienced ones in their cell.

“SP”: – Probably, it is not easy to allocate a separate camera for each. The detention center is not a “tiktok house” …

– There are no problems with this on Petrovka. They have plenty of places there. Answering my question where he slept for the last two nights, Lakeev said that he “slept on a chair in the Investigative Committee,” where he was interrogated. He looks very tired. There are no signs of beatings. While we were talking, he continuously ate a banana. Apparently, from the program, because the government menu usually contains rice porridge. He does not understand well what is happening to him.

The “repression” of the state was assessed by lawyer and human rights activist Dmitry Agranovsky.

– I would not use the word “repression” in this case. This is a normal, adequate activity of law enforcement agencies to protect the state. As a citizen, as a taxpayer and as a human rights activist who is obliged to protect the interests of the majority, I welcome this. What happened on January 23rd is disgusting, provocative and should be assessed. In no case should this Sabbath go unpunished.

I hope that the assessment will be fair, it will not be cruel towards ordinary participants – lost souls, especially minors who were involved in this abomination. I would like the organizers who have been known since the “swamp events” to finally bear responsibility. And there were also the events in Moscow of the year before last, when privates were also planted, and the organizers got out of the water.

“SP”: – It seems that now it will be different. Navalny is sitting, searches have taken place in Moscow at the entire top of the FBK *, which will almost certainly end in accusations …

– With all the desire for humanism in relation to ordinary participants, I note that forgiveness is not always an act of justice. Reasonable and fair punishment will probably keep some of the vacillating youth from being drawn into such anti-state, anti-Russian actions. I have no desire to severely punish ordinary participants in the actions, but I cannot leave this without a reaction either. It is necessary to find a balance between the interests of society and people.

“SP”: – Young protesters vied with each other rushed to apologize to the police. They turned out to be rather weak. But maybe it will be read to them at the trial?

– From the point of view of the Criminal Procedure Code, the court is simply obliged to take this into account. I see an admission of guilt, remorse. How can this be missed?

“SP”: – As if the investigation heard you! Lightning: a case was initiated against Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s right hand. But we know that he is somewhere abroad. Is it possible to get it from there?

– You can, of course, make a request for extradition. But we must understand that we are dealing with a pro-American opposition. This is a deliberate provocative activity. I don’t think that the countries that initiate all this will suddenly give us their agents. In particular, Volkova. I am convinced that both he and Navalny are American agents who are destabilizing the situation here. Therefore, it is better for the leftists to refrain from supporting the protesters on 23 January.

By the way, such actions only rally the patriotic community. People see that it all smells like Ukraine and Belarus.

– If there are signs of a crime, then responsibility should come. Which one – the second question, – says about the consequences of January 23 Yuri Sinelshchikov, ex-prosecutor, first deputy chairman of the RF State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation.

Another thing is that the responsibility in our country is almost always the citizen, and the policeman is always right. This is an established practice. One cannot agree with this. The policeman is not always right. If a police officer acts unlawfully and as a result of these actions he gets in the nose from a citizen, then the citizen cannot bear criminal responsibility for this. In case of illegal actions of an employee, the law ceases to protect it. But a police officer can sue in private.

According to Director of the Center for Practical Psychology Sergei Klyuchnikov, the state needs to work with young people not only with a whip.

– Some of the young people still took to the streets on January 23, because it became fashionable. A meme of an attractive campaign was created, which advanced youth go to. Children don’t want to be left behind either. At the same time, the state did not use all mechanisms of a preventive nature. Who works with teenagers aged 12-14 on social media? Nobody is involved in creating a positive psychological attitude and directing attention to other topics not related to protests.

Only the prohibition system works. And the effect of prohibitions on the psyche of adolescents is known. They make you want to get around the ban in any way. Like, why are these ancestors together with the authorities, the police forbid us something. Of course, most parents fear for their children and somehow hold them back. But they began to warn them not to let their children go outside immediately before the protests.

“SP”: – Is there an alternative?

– In Soviet times, there were october, pioneers, Komsomol members. All of this has now been dropped. There is no system that organizes children according to their age, distracts children’s attention (and this is the best way), no. Everything is thrown onto the Internet and onto the shoulders of parents. And the parents are busy with survival. Where are the clubs, sports sections, which were before? There are few institutions available to most children, especially teenage institutions.

Parents themselves are often confused by a large amount of information in different directions. Some have difficulty thinking on their own. It seems that the protest will solve everything, but no one sees the chaos that will follow. In no country in the world, including the United States, street protests have worked, but the economy has weakened. But in our country, even political programs aimed at adults sometimes take on adolescent anti-intellectual form. They talk like children.

“SP”: – What needs to be done?

– In virtual reality, one does not feel that there is any state will to act in the right way. We would have brought together specialists in child psychology, Internet companies, journalists, programmers, sane bloggers who would think about how the content can be changed in order to influence the distraction-positive side. We need a massive creative turn, we need to turn our brains in the other direction.

The web needs positive content for both children and adults. We are now in a new situation for us, where everything, like sirens, screams and pulls in different directions. And the party organizing the protests is screaming harder, it is more creative and it is currently beating. Not in terms of administrative resources, but in terms of attractiveness, in the ability to evoke sympathy. Until this is changed, the risks will remain.

* In 2019, the Ministry of Justice included the non-profit organization Anti-Corruption Fund in the list of foreign agents receiving money from abroad

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