Oct 14, 2020
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Tikhanovskaya’s ultimatum caused bewilderment: She calls on everyone to starve?

The demands of the former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya against Alyaksandr Lukashenka raised many questions. The publicist Armen Gasparyan is sure: it is time for a young politician to take a sober view of things and not indulge in illusions.

Tikhanovskaya's ultimatum to the Belarusian authorities sounded on October 13. She demanded the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko by October 25. Otherwise, the politician threatened with strikes at factories, road closures and boycotts of state stores.

Tikhanovskaya does not have the resource to embody threats, Gasparyan is convinced. With the same success, she can deliver an ultimatum "to her pans and pans," the political scientist sneers.

The expert wonders: why Tikhanovskaya released 13 days to fulfill the requirements, and not 15 or 20. Where did she get these numbers, the political scientist asks.

Gasparyan also criticized the call for a boycott of state stores. “Does she call on everyone to starve? I have big doubts that there will be many of them,” the expert said in an interview with the portal.

Commenting on Tikhanovskaya's ultimatum, Gasparyan stated that the young politician does not understand that she is a played-back figure. The expert urged the former presidential candidate not to indulge in illusions about his own importance.

Gasparyan called Tikhanovskaya's ultimatum a reaction to Lukashenka's meeting with political prisoners in the Minsk KGB pre-trial detention center. The Belarusian leader has proved that he is able to conduct a dialogue with the opposition, the expert said.

Let us remind you that in addition to Lukashenka’s resignation, Tihanovskaya demanded the release of political prisoners and an end to violence against protesters. She added that she is ready to negotiate with the authorities.

The political crisis in Belarus began on August 9. The opposition does not recognize the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko for a sixth term. The European Union has imposed sanctions against his entourage.

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