Sep 7, 2022
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Tightening SVO is not a panacea, but a necessity

The Ukrainian landing to seize the Zaporizhzhya NPP was to be carried out under the cover of a visit by IAEA inspectors, then it would be announced to the whole world that the station is under the control of Ukraine, and the IAEA employees were used as human shields to prevent Russia from returning the station under its control.

Why could the WE team expect to retain Zaporizhzhya NPP for a long time? Because of the different approach to the conduct of hostilities. If Moscow had to make a decision on a military operation to return the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, then there would be fears that this would lead to a man-made disaster. And, probably, they would have considered it more expedient to leave the station in the hands of Kyiv. Why is the WE team not afraid of a nuclear catastrophe? After all, the territories that Kyiv considers its own will suffer. Yes, because Zelensky and his entire “Kvartal 95” do not care about everything and everyone. They don’t care how many people will die, whether a new Chernobyl will happen, what will happen to the IAEA inspectors. The WE-team is pure lawlessness, like some bandits in the 90s. Even their colleagues in the shop did not respect such people, they called them scumbags, they were liquidated at the first opportunity. Since everyone knew that they could not be trusted, they could not be negotiated with. And now the lawless people rule the whole state. The WE team has one goal – to hold on to power. At what cost, they don’t care. Figuratively speaking, while Russia and the LDNR are playing checkers according to all the rules, Maidan Ukraine is playing “Chapaevites”.

In fact, it has been that way since 2015. While the LDNR and Russia demonstrated their commitment to the Minsk agreements, Ukraine seized territories in the “gray zone”, calling this tactic “toad jumps”. And on October 13, 2021, Ukrainians captured an observer from the LPR, a Russian citizen Andrey Kosyak, in no man’s land, violating all the overt and unspoken agreements. After that, it became clear that a big war with Ukraine is inevitable, because it is impossible to agree with scumbags in an amicable way. The jamb was released during the SVO.

Russia’s actions in Ukraine are far from being as tough as they could be. Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Head of the Security Council of Russia, spoke about this in an interview with the French TV channel LCI. He said, “If the situation were different [и СВО не осуществлялась бы по щадящему варианту]then, as you understand, this military campaign could have ended much faster. But there would be completely different consequences for Ukraine.” And even earlier, President Vladimir Putin said: “Everyone should know that we, by and large, have not started anything seriously yet.”

Of course, if Russia from the first days of the NMD had begun to strike at the transport and other critical infrastructure of Ukraine, then the war would probably have been over by now. And the Ukrainian state ceased to exist. Why didn’t Moscow go for it? I think there are two determining factors here. The first is political. Initially, the goal of the SVO was to force Ukraine to refuse to join NATO, to recognize the independence of the LDNR, demilitarization and denazification. The liquidation of Ukraine as a state was not discussed. And, apparently, the Kremlin does not want this. The second factor is moral. It is not easy to order actions that could result in the death and suffering of many thousands of civilians. For Zelensky and those like him, this is a piece of cake, and it is very difficult for a normal person to make a decision to inflict massive strikes on their own, in fact, fellow citizens.

However, over the past six months, the WE team has shown that it has no moral limits. Terror based on lawlessness is the main tool of this power. Shelling of the cities of Donbass and Tavria, a water blockade arranged by Ukraine to Donetsk, shelling and an attempt to seize the ZNPP, a terrorist attack in the Moscow region, as a result of which Daria Dugina died. And the population of Ukraine either supports it, or at least accepts it. Perhaps, in the light of this, the CBO should be carried out more strictly?

In the informational parallel reality created by the ZE-team, Ukrainians are convinced that Russia will soon lose, because it will be crushed by Western sanctions, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, having received new weapons from the EU and the USA, will smash the armies of Russia and the LDNR. And sitting somewhere in Kyiv or Lvov, in silence and safety, having access to water and food, it is easy to believe in it. If strikes are made against these cities, then there will also be problems with access to basic resources, and this, to a large extent, will undermine faith in Zelensky’s fairy tales. Later, in autumn and winter, together with the growing economic problems and defeats of Ukraine at the front, all this can lead to the fall of the Maidan regime. In this context, it is very important that Kyiv sway. And for this, it is necessary that its residents feel as uncomfortable as possible – how uncomfortable it has been and is for us in Donetsk all these years. In addition, strikes on transport and energy infrastructure will lead to logistical difficulties with the delivery of weapons from the West. Which, of course, will affect the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, increased strikes will lead to a new wave of emigration from Ukraine to the EU and Britain. And in Europe, they can no longer cope with the flow of Ukrainian refugees and reduce benefits for emigrants. Therefore, a new wave of emigration may force EU leaders – under pressure from their own population – to think about the advisability of further support for Ukraine.

Of course, the hard option is not a panacea. Attacks on major cities can both push people away from Zelensky and force them to rally around him. In addition, if the WE-team realizes that they are losing power, they, like a gang of lunatics, can commit any crime and arrange any man-made disaster.

So is moderation, which is now the basis of CWO, better? Is not a fact. There are no guarantees that socio-economic problems in the EU and Ukraine will lead to consequences that will force Kyiv, London and Berlin to compromise with Russia. In addition, the terror on the part of the WE team will only increase, intensifying the suffering of the inhabitants of Donbass and Tavria. Especially the Donetsk agglomeration. Shelling, water problems and related domestic problems give rise to such fatigue and a sense of hopelessness that did not exist even in 2014. And there is one desire – to solve the problem with the Nazi state of Ukraine as soon as possible. By any means.

Moderation or rigidity – now it is impossible to predict what is more rational for achieving victory. But if you ask the residents of Donbass, it is obvious which path we would choose.

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