Jun 16, 2022
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Thrush in pregnant women: what is the cause and how to avoid?

Thrush in pregnant women: what is the cause and how to avoid?

Many women are faced with such a disease as thrush. This is a fungal disease of the vaginal mucosa. There is a lot of trouble with this disease, although it does not pose a high danger.

The causative agent of thrush is candida white (Candida albicans). It is considered an opportunistic pathogen. The fungus begins to bring trouble when it gets into favorable conditions for itself. With a decrease in immunity, the fungus multiplies. As a result, an inflammatory disease of candidiasis develops. This is what we call thrush, because of the white film that covers the reddened mucous membranes. In this case, symptoms such as itching, burning and abundant curdled discharge occur.

The cause of the appearance of thrush can also be such factors: the occurrence of stress, which leads to a weakening of the immune system, a violation of the diet, various diets, sweet or fatty foods, dysbacteriosis, body poisoning, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking antibiotics, etc.

A pregnant woman suffers from thrush much more often, 2-3 times. During pregnancy, the production of female sex hormones increases. Hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman lead to a decrease in cellular immunity. This contributes to the faster reproduction of the fungus, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy. That is why thrush negatively affects the pregnancy of any woman.

Doctors are unanimous in their opinion that it is necessary to treat thrush. After all, inflammation of the external genital organs, annoying itching, pain during urination and sexual intercourse create discomfort for a woman. Thrush makes tissues loose as it corrodes them, which can lead to ruptures during childbirth. Therefore, you need to prepare for childbirth in advance and normalize the microflora of the vagina. In addition, thrush in the mother can harm the baby in the future. Since very often newborns can “grab” thrush from their mother.

Therefore, pregnant women who have been diagnosed with such a disease should remember that there is no need to engage in any self-medication. Because drugs that help healthy women may be contraindicated in pregnant women. Expectant mothers will not be harmed by immunomodulating and restorative drugs.

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