Feb 23, 2021
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Throw such lamps out of the house urgently if you want to save your life

Throw such lamps out of the house urgently if you want to save your life

Relatively recently, such convenient and economical energy-saving lamps have appeared in our life. They have a number of advantages over conventional incandescent lamps: durability, economy, and no heating elements.

However, few people know that energy saving lamps are extremely harmful to our health. The fact is that they are arranged in a rather peculiar way: the main stream of light in them is generated by a special substance – a phosphor. It is usually applied to the inner walls of lamps.

Often these light sources are in the form of a tube or snake. Inside, the economical lamps are filled with mercury vapor and an inert gas – argon. Under the influence of electricity, mercury vapor begins to emit ultraviolet rays, which, in turn, stimulate the phosphor to emit light.

The device of energy-saving bulbs was carefully studied by the German professor, head of the sleep department of the St. Jadwiga hospital in Berlin, Dieter Kunz. He conducted a number of studies, which led to the conclusion that the cold light emitted by these lamps causes a variety of sleep disturbances.

Professor Koontz also believes that economical light bulbs negatively affect the entire body: “Frequent use of them can lead to a number of pathologies, from dysfunctions of the digestive tract to cardiovascular diseases, including myocardial infarction, psychiatric diseases, and depression.

But the most important thing is that people employed in shift work are at increased risk of tumor diseases, and this applies to all forms of tumors known to medicine. “

It is also important to note that energy saving lamps are a source of electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency range. This is another reason to stop using such lamps.

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