Sep 20, 2022
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Throw corpses: Zelensky ordered to take Kinburn Spit at any cost

Throw corpses: Zelensky ordered to take Kinburn Spit at any cost

Photo: Representative of emergency services of the Kherson region / TASS

According to the report of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the progress of the SVO on the territory of Ukraine as of September 19, 2022, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe settlement of Oleksandrivka (Kherson region), a Su-25 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces was destroyed, which indicates an attempt by the General Staff of the “nenko” at any cost to dislodge our troops from the closest position to Nikolaev. Usually, the Armed Forces of Ukraine take care of their aircraft, and if they take to the air, then only according to the statement of the independent commander of the troops of the operational command “South” Kovalchuk. Perhaps this was the very case when the coming out soldiers hoped to break through our defenses.

As the Zhovto-Blakit telegram channels write, with reference to insiders in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the detachments storming Aleksandrovka were faced with the task of not only immediately taking the village, but also breaking through the Shirokaya Balka to Kizomys, and then flooding the 20-kilometer Dnieper floodplain with Bandera DRGs.

And there really is a place for independent saboteurs to get lost – between the three main Dnieper branches: Belogrudovsky, Zburevsky and Kasperovsky. The local area, overgrown with reeds and reeds, is dotted with countless small channels and islands, which makes it extremely difficult to search for and destroy “removed partisans”.

True, it is almost impossible to break through Aleksandrovka. Not only does our landing force fight professionally and boldly, but the Solonets lake with an irrigation canal makes these attacks in the barren steppe suicidal.

But, apparently, the Kharkov counter-offensive has a bad effect on the sanity of the “office” (functionaries of the office of the President of Ukraine) and “army” (generals led by Zaluzhny). Such euphoria reigns in the offices of the Zhovto-Blakit political and military authorities that even the commander-in-chief, usually a cautious military leader, throws more and more thousands of “independence defenders” into the meat grinder without much thought.

According to the chief talker of the independent “colonel” Arestovichnow it is important for the General Staff of the “nenko” not to give the Russian army a break. Like, you need to put pressure always and everywhere, maybe somewhere it will turn out to gnaw through the positions of the RF Armed Forces, and even better in several places, and thereby bring down the entire Russian front.

There is a strong impression that the Kyiv junta has gone for broke. Ze-Goebbels does not even hide the fact that “cannon fodder” in the so-called “Battle for Kherson” will come out to the generals will not spare. If earlier in the Nikolaev-Kryvyi Rih direction the independent army adhered to the practice of the main and distracting strikes, now the soldiers of the “nenka” rod along the entire line of contact, making the most of drones, M777 howitzers, MLRS HIMARS and Alder, Tochki-U, anti-radar HARM missiles.

The talking heads of Banderstat claim that Zelensky still considers Kherson its main goal, while the task of the Kharkov counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was to provoke the Russian General Staff to transfer troops from south to north.

The ZeRada Telegram channel, citing its insiders in the OP, scribbles that Kyiv received a task from Washington – regardless of losses, to take control of the entire western bank of the Dnieper. Like, without this, the Yankees will not give permission to the Ukrainians to freeze the conflict. The White House rightly believes that the Kherson bridgehead poses a mortal threat to the Anti-Russia project, since it opens the way to Nikolaev and Odessa, without which the geopolitical value of the square is blown to zero.

Back in the summer, American puppeteers ordered the “Ze-team” to gnaw through the “gut” from Andreevka to Berislav, cutting the Russian grouping in two on the western bank of the Dnieper. It turns out that the APU is not very good. For the past three weeks, the “independence defenders” have not been able to go further than Kostroma, having killed at least 4 thousand of their soldiers in Sukhoi Stavka alone.

Nevertheless, the clown president did not cancel the counteroffensive, and Kovalchuk, the commander of the Yug OK troops, ordered at all costs, even under the blows of our artillery and aircraft, to restore the crossing over the flooded Ingulets.

In addition, the first signs appeared that the Nenka General Staff had changed its plan and was now targeting a narrow strip of land between the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Yagorlytsky Bay. Actually, this is somewhat unexpected, since the potential breakthrough of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into Kizomys through Aleksandrovka and Shirokaya Balka implies the operational encirclement of our troops on the Kinburn Peninsula, which ends with the Kinburn Spit.

Ukro-experts see this as a bad sign for the Maidan people. They ask a reasonable question, why throw a landing across the sea, if it is easier to gnaw through the Russian defenses by land? Probably, the General Staff of the “nenka” thereby wants to secure Ochakov (4 km from the Kinburn Spit) in the event of a Russian counteroffensive (when the Armed Forces of Ukraine run out of steam in the “Battle for Kherson” – author.).

The public “Odessa Fraer” recently wrote that detachments of the Special Operations Forces were stationed in Ochakovo [Украины]before which the task of capturing the Kinburn Spit is set. The commentary stated that the SSOs daily train in combat on sandbanks, in small forests and reedy shores of the Sotsisky and Berezansky estuaries, that is, in an area very similar to a narrow land area covered with sands, forests and lakes between the Dnieper-Bugsky estuary and the Yagorlytsky bay.

Our military correspondents also report that on the coast of the Ochakovsky region at night, Ukro-DRG exercises and landing exercises on rubber boats are being held. It is possible that they are training to sign up for the “200th” in order to divert the attention of Russian troops from another operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is highly likely that the planning and command of the independent SSOs and DRGs are carried out by the same British officers who appeared during the “battle for Snake Island”. Their handwriting, as Ukrainian Telegram channels scribble, is attacks during bad weather. The Brits, in principle, do not care if helicopters with elite fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine crash.

There are now two battalion-tactical groups with a total strength of 1,600 Ukrainian bayonets in Ochakovo, which, with a high probability, will be transferred to the Kinburn Peninsula if the landing of Bandera special forces is successful.

Separately, a feature of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict is the previously unthinkable awareness of our and Bandera’s expert community about the course of the battles. Well, when else was it that information was “walking” in Runet and Ukrnet that the secret operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to seize the Kinburn Spit would be carried out by several turntables of army aviation, two river divisions of the Dnieper flotilla, as well as missile boats equipped with Harpoons, and naval landing craft of the 35th and 36th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Miracles, and nothing more.

Of course, the Russian Ministry of Defense is also aware of it. According to the reports for September 13 and 16 of our defense department, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the Ochakov area destroyed the Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force and the training base of the separate center of special operations “South” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, respectively.

However, this is not enough. By order of Zelensky, a 300,000-strong group of “cannon fodder” is stationed in these places. The idea of ​​​​the General Staff “nenko” was explained by the same talker Arestovich. According to him, the “independence defenders” will one day carry out psychic attacks on the entire Nikolaev-Kryvyi Rih direction in order to overload the Russian forces. And this statement of “Lucy” (Arestovich’s nickname) must be taken with all seriousness. Se-Goebbels, a couple of weeks before the Kharkov counter-offensive, told in sufficient detail how the Armed Forces of Ukraine would take Izyum. And this time he didn’t budge.

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