Apr 18, 2022
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Three-year-old parrot identified using TV show music

parrot loves music from TV showsLouise Duncan, who discovered a parrot with bright plumage on the porch of the church, had no doubt that the creature was not an inhabitant of the wild. The bird has obviously run away from the owners.

parrot loves music from TV shows

A resident of Lancaster (Pennsylvania, USA), together with pastor Rosanna Goldberg-Taylor, caught a church guest and put him in a box, and then handed over the bird to the local animal rescue organization ORCA. They posted pictures of the parrot on social media and were soon contacted by the family, who claimed that the parrot looked like their pet Lucky, who flew away from home three years ago. Surprisingly, the music from the television show The Andy Griffith Show helped to accurately identify Lucky. Every time Lucky heard this tune, he began to dance and shake his head. The found parrot did the same, so the test passed.

parrot loves music from TV shows

However, the bird failed to reunite with the family. The former owners now live in a much smaller house than before, and they do not have the conditions to keep a parrot. But Lucky was not left alone, and he became the office pet of the ORCA organization.

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