Sep 21, 2021
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Three takeaways from Biden’s UN speech: The next US war will be over homosexuals

Biden called for protecting the rights of homosexuals “from Chechnya to Cameroon.” “The next war will be over gays and their infringed rights,” Yulia Vityazeva “translated” his words.

US President Joe Biden announced the need to fight for the rights of homosexuals from Chechnya to Cameroon. The words of the American leader were translated from the diplomatic language into Russian by the journalist and blogger Yulia Vityazeva.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly, the American president announced that with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, his country ended the era of endless wars. The White House will now focus on promoting gay rights and climate change.

We must all stand up for the rights of LGBTQI representatives so that they can openly live in love and without fear, be it Chechnya or Cameroon, or any other part of the world,

Biden said.

According to Yulia Vityazeva, three conclusions can be drawn from this statement. First, the fake news from Novaya Gazeta about the “hunt for homosexuals” in Chechnya was retold to the US President. Secondly, taxes from American taxpayers will now be spent on fighting for the rights of perverts. And thirdly, now the United States will start wars and organize revolutions not for the sake of “the rights and freedoms of oppressed peoples”, but under the pretext of protecting sex minorities.

The next war will be over gays and their disenfranchised rights

– Yulia Vityazeva “translates” Biden’s words in her Telegram channel.

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