Dec 30, 2020
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“Three sisters”: the suitor appreciated the photo of Alsou with her older daughters

Singer Alsou and her faithful Yan Abramov are raising three weeks. The proud mother regularly shares the cards of 14-year-old Safina and 12-year-old Mikela, while she prefers to hide the face of four-year-old Raphael.

The day before, Alsou published a new photo with her two daughters. In the picture, they pose against the backdrop of the town square in calm casual clothes.

“We,” the singer briefly waved at the photo, adding heart emoticons.

Sighs remembered in admiration that the 37-year-old artist looks the same age as her daughters. Many complimented all three, noting how similar they were to Mikela and Safin’s mother. Also, some have named three sisters.

The house in absolute composition will now be in the United Arab Emirates, where they are probably going to celebrate the New Year.

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