Oct 14, 2021
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Three main advantages of the Polaris PETB 0101 BL / TC toothbrush

Three main advantages of the Polaris PETB 0101 BL / TC toothbrush

We are moving from a regular toothbrush to a sonic one.

The new sonic toothbrush from Polaris, approved by the Dental Association of Russia, takes care of your teeth, has as many as 5 modes, a convenient case, and also a laconic design – you just press one button, and it immediately turns on and does its job without any extra effort.

The sonic electric brush works very simply: it makes small amplitude movements and gently removes plaque. In this case, the paste foams and plaque is removed more than with a regular toothbrush.

The sonic toothbrush is available in two models in black and white: Polaris PETB 0101 BL / TC and Polaris PETB 0101 TC.

Advantage 1. Professional teeth cleaning at home

The Polaris toothbrush, unlike many other brushes, has five modes for different tasks. The modes guarantee one hundred percent removal of plaque, selected in such a way that it is convenient to use with a wide variety of tooth sensitivity.

For daily use, the manufacturer recommends cleaning in the Sensitive mode. The minimum 31,000 pulsations per minute will not damage the enamel and are suitable for beginners just starting to use electric brushes. It is in this mode that they work without recharging for up to two months.

In the Clean mode, 41,000 pulses per minute are set, which ensures fast and high-quality brushing of your teeth. This amount of pulsation prevents the formation of tartar, and it is recommended to use this mode no more than 1 time per week.

The brushes work very gently and at the same time efficiently in the Gum care mode at 35,000 pulsations per minute. This mode is suitable for preventing bleeding gums, as well as strengthening them.

White mode is the most intense and with the deepest cleansing – 48,000 pulsations per minute. The effect of the brushes in the White mode is noticeable from the first time. Toothbrushes whiten or brighten teeth quickly and without damaging the enamel – this is noticeable immediately after use. This mode may appeal to lovers of coffee or strong black tea. Compared to other modes, increased intensity is felt, but without the inconvenience and discomfort.

In Polish mode at 45,000 pulses per minute, the brushes work gently, without interruption, thereby eliminating hard plaque imperfections and eliminating tartar build-up.

Advantage 2. Manufacturability

The brushes have an ergonomic arrangement of buttons, which allows you to “blindly” switch modes without being distracted from cleaning.

The brushes have a special timer that turns off the toothbrush after the required 2 minutes of use. At the same time, with additional functions – polishing or massaging the gums, it works 1 minute more.

Toothbrushes have an indication of the battery charge, so the brush warns of the need to charge and does not turn off suddenly.

When you turn it on again, it automatically starts its work in the last selected mode – this saves time and simplifies interaction with the device.

Advantage 3. Convenience

For added convenience, there are reminders about the need to change the cleaning zone, which are triggered every 30 seconds. That is, you mentally divide your jaw into 4 zones. And clean each area for 30 seconds. After these 30 seconds, the brush pauses its work for a moment, hinting to you – “go to the other side.”

It is important that the set of the toothbrush includes 3 replaceable heads with wear-resistant Dupont bristles with a color indicator of bristle wear. Also, manufacturers have put on sale separate sets of nozzles.

Manufacturers have equipped toothbrushes with more than just contactless chargers. In addition, you can charge by placing the brush in the travel case, which has an independent rechargeable platform with USB output – a convenient solution for long journeys and for forgetful people. The increased IPX7 waterproof rating makes toothbrushes as safe and convenient to use as possible – that is, you can safely rinse them, wash them or use them in the shower.

A nice little thing, especially when using the intensive cleaning modes, is the noise level, which does not exceed 67dB.

Travelers do not have to rack their brains over which compartment of the suitcase to hide the toothbrush in so that it does not get damaged during the trip, there is a special case in which you can pack the brush.

A sonic toothbrush is simple, thoughtful and concise; the manufacturer also gives a 2-year warranty for the device.


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