Dec 28, 2020
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Three children’s polyclinics opened in Moscow after reconstruction

On Monday, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin attended the opening of the children’s city polyclinic (DGP) №98, branch №2 on the street. Chertanovskaya, where the first patients were received today after a comprehensive reconstruction of the building, reports AGN “Moscow”.

In addition, on the eve of the New Year, the mayor opened two more polyclinics for children by videoconference, in which the reconstruction was also completed, this
branch # 2 of DGP # 38 in the Arbat area and branch # 1 of DGP # 140 in the North Tushino area.

“This is a good gift for both Muscovites and medical personnel,” he stressed.

The head of the city recalled that this year the city authorities have launched a large-scale program for the reconstruction of polyclinics that need comfort and good equipment.

“This is the most ambitious outpatient program, which is at the forefront, and almost all Muscovites visit the clinic during the year,” Sobyanin said.

As the mayor specified, dozens of reconstructed polyclinics will start working next year. In this work, according to the official, speed and quality are important above all.

“Never in Moscow have polyclinics been reconstructed at such a speed: a few months pass from start to finish,” the mayor said.

In 2021, the reconstruction of polyclinics, as Sergei Sobyanin said, will remain a priority work for the city administration, despite the pandemic and a shortage of funds.

According to the materials of the press service of the mayor and the government of Moscow, polyclinics are being updated in accordance with the new metropolitan standards of polyclinics. For example, doctors are seated in their offices to reduce the likelihood of queues, navigation becomes easier, and the corridors are wider. To equip outpatient clinics, advanced medical equipment is being purchased, which allows for modern types of diagnostics.

As part of the implementation of the new Moscow standard for polyclinics, the city authorities are expected to implement a program to purchase new equipment, hire additional doctors and train personnel until 2024, in addition, they will build 30 new polyclinic buildings in the districts and reconstruct 137 polyclinic buildings.

Currently, the Moscow city economy complex is working on the reconstruction of 37 city polyclinics, the area of ​​which exceeds 120 thousand square meters.

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