Aug 26, 2022
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This simple finger test can detect heart disease, liver disease and cancer

This simple finger test can detect heart disease, liver disease and cancer

The absence of a diamond-shaped gap between the index fingers when you touch them with your nails can be a sign of serious diseases, some experts say. A simple exercise called the Shamroth Window Test will help you identify signs of a dangerous symptom. This is reported by “MedPravda”.

How to do the exercise

The nails of the index fingers should be pressed together with the high interphalangeal joint, and if you see a diamond-shaped gap – the so-called sign of Shamroth – this is a good sign. If not, then it is reasonable to schedule a visit to the doctors for a check.

It only takes a few seconds to complete this exercise. It is not necessary that these be index fingers – you can use both large and ring fingers, and so on.

A “window” should appear between the nails and the high joints of the fingers, which resembles a diamond in shape. If the nails are completely adjacent to each other, this may indicate that you have the so-called “Hippocratic fingers” or “stick” fingers.

These are formed when the amount of soft tissue under the nail beds increases, which can signal health problems.

What ailments can this indicate?

People who don’t have a rhomboid fissure may have flattened fingers, which can be a sign of a variety of medical conditions, including heart problems and liver disease.

Also among the risks is non-small cell lung cancer, the most common type of disease, affecting about 87% of all lung cancer patients.

Stick fingers also appear in some lung diseases, such as lung abscess, pulmonary fibrosis, and bronchiectasis.

“The test is used by medical professionals as a partial method of confirming a condition, but you can also test yourself – and it only takes a few seconds,” British oncologist nurse Emma Norton told the Huffington Post.

“Hippocratic fingers” occur in various recognizable stages, starting with the nail bed becoming soft and the skin next to it shiny.

The nails may curve more than usual when viewed from the side, and then the fingertips may swell and become larger than usual.

It is recommended that if you notice such changes in the fingers or during the “Shamroth test” did not notice the “window” between the nail plates – contact your family doctor.

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