Oct 13, 2020
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“This is the only way.” Top 5 Athletes Who Become Vegetarians

Former Zenit masseur told a story about a famous football player Igor Denisov, who at the end of his career went to live in Spain and became a vegetarian. found examples of cases when active athletes adhere to diets.

It would seem that being a vegetarian and playing sports professionally is simply impossible - where do you get your strength? But this opinion is erroneous - there are examples of world-famous athletes who adhere to a special diet, not eating meat and fish.

Venus Williams (tennis)

The eldest of the Williams sisters Venus is an Olympic champion and winner of seven Grand Slam tournaments, earning more than forty million dollars in her career, not counting advertising revenue.

In 2011, she was diagnosed with Schengren's syndrome - a chronic autoimmune systemic lesion of the connective tissue, manifested by the involvement of the excretory glands, mainly salivary and lacrimal glands, in the pathological process.

This is how the athlete herself recalled that period in her life: “I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, but I wanted to continue to show results on the court. And since I started, I fell in love with the concept of energizing the body in the best way possible - with a vegan diet. This not only helps me in sports, but I also feel that I am doing something right for myself, ”she told Health magazine.

It took the tennis player several months to rebuild her body. Of course, she had to leave tennis for a while, but in the end she not only defeated the disease, but also returned to the big sport.

Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1)

Another great champion eventually came to believe that vegetarianism is a way out and a solution to certain problems. This problem is a Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton he dedicated a great post on social media.

“I am upset that many, even close friends, ignore what is happening every day. Education is the key to everything. For many years we have been taught that eating meat is good, but we have been lied to for centuries. It took me 32 years to understand the impact I have on the world and what I can do every day to make my contribution more positive. I want my life to mean something, but until now, to be honest, it has been meaningless. I challenge you to discover the compassion that I am sure is within you, and to understand how you affect the world around you.

The previous approach allows the meat and dairy industry to flourish (with a tough attitude towards animals), which on a constant basis destroy forests and seas and negatively affect the climate. Going vegan is the only way to save our planet. It can be done very quickly, you just need to set your head on it, ”wrote Hamilton.

Kyrie Irving (basketball)

Australian basketball player Kyrie Irving, the NBA's Brooklyn Nets, became known for coming to vegetarianism in an unusual way. One day, he sat in front of the TV and watched the Netflix documentary What is Health. What he saw impressed the athlete so much that he decided to switch to plant nutrition.

“I prefer a mostly plant-based diet, stay away from meat and the like. My body feels amazing, I am full of energy. "

Irving is now 28 years old and is in perfect order - five times he was selected to participate in a stellar NBA weekend.

Jermain Defoe (soccer)

Famous English striker Jermain Defoe, who has 57 appearances and 20 goals for the national team, is still in demand at the age of 38. Usually at this time, players are already starting their coaching careers, gaining a decent weight, but Defoe is still dusty for the popular Scottish club Rangers.

A vegan diet allows him to keep in excellent shape, to which he switched several years ago on the advice of acquaintances and friends.

“I don’t see anything difficult in stopping eating meat, eggs, dairy products, because this is being replaced by a much more important feeling for me that I have when scoring goals,” he told Men's Health magazine.

Another great champion eventually came to believe that vegetarianism is a way out and a solution to certain problems. Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton devoted a long post on social networks to this problem.

Alexey Voevoda (bobsleigh)

There are vegetarians among Russian sports stars. One of them is a bobsledder Alexey Voevoda... For many years now, he has been following a special diet, which he began to resort to to correct weight. Here's how he talked about this "Soviet Sport".

“I was faced with the fact: I needed to adjust my weight in order to perform in the team. My partner and I were supposed to weigh 220 kg - for two, along with equipment. And I weighed about 117.5-118 kg. And before the competition I had to cut the weight hard every time. But as? I just didn't eat anything. This is a big problem. When you don't eat, you develop apathy, a breakdown ... And when stress is superimposed on stress, the result can only be very bad.

But one day I bumped into an academic Coal, and found in his books, as it were, a logical justification for the fact that we, humans, are herbivores ... ", - said the athlete.

As a result, the Voevoda first ate exclusively cheese and vegetables and fruits, and then completely switched to a vegan diet, which helped to achieve the required weight of 110.5 kg and increase results in sports.

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