Oct 21, 2021
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This is how you “kill” the best years of your life!

This is how you

But the question is: how can you ruin your best years of life?

No matter how old you are, you always have a choice: “kill” them or make them better. But the question is: how can you ruin your best years of life?

Check out these 15 factors:

1. Listen to others and hammer into your own inner voice. Parents (relatives, friends) know better what you need in life.

2. Sit in a job you hate without trying to change it because people will call you a failure. Wake up every morning feeling dissatisfied, tired, and frustrated to prove something to people who don’t really matter in your life.

3. Reassure yourself that the right life is the life your parents or friends live, and you will be a crazy person in their eyes if you decide that you can live the “life of your dreams”.

4. Forget that you are a person with unique aspirations and dreams. Stop believing in yourself and instead come to terms with your normal or “safe” life.

5. Live in a relationship with the “wrong” person, because it is so right in the eyes of your loved ones and society.

6. Tell yourself that your standards are too high and you will never find the love you are looking for, so it’s better to be with who you are than to be alone.

7. Continue to live at a pace that burns you, because change is scary and you cannot cope with the “reset” of your system.

8. Be passive. Keep thinking that there is nothing you can do to change your life, your thoughts, or yourself. It is too late to change something, if everything is, at the very least, bearable.

9. Continue to live in your past and don’t give yourself a chance to move forward. Hold on to fear, not goals and hopes.

10. Continue to wait for “that very day.” Put off and further whatever you want until a hypothetical moment, when circumstances are in your favor, the stars will be in the correct row, and the chances will be perfect.

11. Take any failure or failure personally. Chew and harass yourself, torment yourself with the thoughts of how you failed, that you are not good enough and do not deserve a quality life.

12. Fear happiness because you believe it will always be temporary and short-lived. Hide from all the good, don’t believe in the best.

13. Look for someone to save you. Look for someone to compliment you. Look for someone who can do everything for you, because it’s easier to feel sorry for yourself rather than appreciating and supporting the other person.

14. Expect an easy life because you are comparing your being to others. Think that you should have fun and travel in the same way as people of your age or with the same income. Envy, torment and suffer.

15. Don’t love yourself when you are single, divorced, unemployed, or sick. But love yourself only when everything seems to be going well with you.

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