Feb 17, 2021
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This is a Russian city! – the bartender put the Ukrainian visitor in place

A new scandal over the refusal of sellers to serve in Ukrainian flared up in Dnepropetrovsk. For example, a barista girl from one of the coffee houses not only refused to speak Ukrainian, but also told the visitor that “Dnipro is a Russian city”.

Local resident Anna Schasnaya-Garus announced this on her page in the social network.

The woman said that she went to a small coffee shop to buy coffee and cake, but the barista refused to serve her in Ukrainian.

In addition, the girl-seller added: “Dnipro is a Russian city, it has always been.”

The visitor was outraged by the barista’s behavior, and about what happened, she not only fanned a scandal on social networks, but also turned to the so-called language ombudsman.

“In a cafe in Dnipra I asked:“ Is there a ’tistechko’ for coffee (a cake in Russian – approx RV)? ”. In response, I heard: “I don’t understand what ’tistechko’ is. I will learn French better. Dnieper has always been a Russian city ”. I am looking for the owner of this cafe. I want to ask her: “Whose city is Dnipro ?!”, – wrote Anna Schasnaya-Garus, having published the corresponding video.

Anna said that she turned to the language ombudsman by sending him photos of store signs in Russian in Dnepropetrovsk.

She also hopes that a barista who calls Dnepropetrovsk a “Russian city” and refuses to serve clients in Ukrainian will be fired.

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