Sep 8, 2022
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This is a racket: the mechanisms of deception of Russia on the “grain deal” were revealed

“Another impudent deception” – this is how Vladimir Putin described the situation with the export of grain from Ukraine at a meeting of the WEF (Eastern Economic Forum). “Just a swindle, a boorish and impudent attitude towards partners” – such words have not been heard from the lips of the President of the Russian Federation for a long time. Political scientist Andrey Suzdaltsev was among the experts who initially warned that the “grain deal” was another deception of Russia by “Western partners”.

“This has never happened before, and here it is again. Russia again “threw” dear partners?

“Unfortunately, the president correctly said that we were once again deceived. I understand the political validity of this “grain deal”: from March to June of this year, a completely wild and very false propaganda campaign was conducted in the Western media on the topic that Russia allegedly provokes world hunger.

By the way, we did not close Ukrainian ports: Ukrainians themselves mined them. But we contributed to their discovery. True, we did not find grain there. Zelensky promised 20-25 million tons of grain. As a result, only one million was taken out, and only two ships left with the wheat they were taking to Egypt.

All other ships went to Europe. That is, Europe simply bought up Ukrainian grain cheaply, in order to resell it later at a different price to Africa, and blame Russia for everything. All these moments could be somehow predicted. We wrote about it.

— It was assumed that the issue of the export of Ukrainian grain would be resolved in one “package” with the normalization of Russian food exports. Apparently, this condition is also not met?

– This is the most annoying thing. Initially, back in June, we talked about the fact that there will be no “package deal”. She’s impossible. According to the already existing tradition, the West has never fulfilled an agreement with us.

For example, he did not comply with the agreement on the destruction of chemical weapons. Withdrew from the ABM agreement. The list there is very long. The West, represented by the United States, brought down the entire contractual base with us. It imposes sanctions against energy suppliers and at the same time requires the implementation of contracts. This is an amazing thing. It’s like saying: I’ll shoot you, but first write a will for me.

– So we are dealing with banal racketeers?

– It’s a racket, of course. But in this case, we made this concession because we were promised, for some reason by the UN, that Russian grain and Russian fertilizers would have access to the world market.

But there are no sanctions against grain and fertilizers, there are sanctions regarding insurance and logistics schemes for the export of our grain and fertilizers.

We have signed an agreement. But not a single ship with our grain or fertilizers entered the Bosphorus. It was just a hoax. What Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to.

It is not clear why such things, which we write about and warn about, are ignored… When the question of Kaliningrad transit arose in May, prominent representatives of our political elite said that now we will answer Lithuania. We then also wrote that we would not respond to Lithuania, because we had nothing to respond with. To this day, we haven’t been able to answer her.

I think that we need to look for some other instruments of pressure on the international market. I fully support the position of our leadership, which says that the “grain deal” should be completed and Ukrainian ports should be closed.

– The UN, apparently, did not have leverage to influence the lifting of sanctions on our exports?

— Yes, but they promised that our grain would go to the world market. The UN Secretary General acted as an intermediary between the Russian Federation and the West. As a result, Ukrainian grain is bought up by Europe in order to sell it to needy countries in Africa and Asia for huge money. Russia is again to blame for this situation. But our grain cannot go to the market.

— Did Ukraine really have such large stocks of grain?

– No, of course, Zelensky, as always, lied. There is no such amount of wheat there. All this time, corn, rapeseed, sunflower and even vegetable oils were mainly exported.

– Now, apparently, it will appear, as a new crop will be harvested.

– Therefore, it is necessary to close the ports. We care a lot about the well-being of Ukraine, but we do not care about the well-being of our farmers.

— How do we close the ports?

– With the help of the Black Sea Fleet. Ukraine will not be able to answer this. Under the current conditions, NATO military courts are prohibited from passing through the Bosphorus in accordance with the Montreux Convention.

It was in our will to demand the execution of the transaction in a single package. But we were again deceived. Initially, it was clear that the opening of seaports was necessary for the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

The option was not ruled out that dry cargo ships that would come for grain would carry military equipment. But at the talks in Istanbul, this was taken into account, and a mechanism was created to prevent such deliveries. Vessels are being monitored, there has not been a single case of the importation of weapons to Ukraine. This is a positive moment. But everything else was a hoax, and the president’s outrage is understandable.

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