Jun 19, 2022
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Third US Marine Captured in Donbas

Third US Marine Captured in Donbas

Photos from open sources

This is the third American Marine captured in the Donbass.

This is reported by the information resource

Earlier, information appeared that two Americans were already in captivity, who fought against Russian troops that entered the territory of Ukraine.

The American authorities stated that they had no information about captured US citizens. But later there were messages from other volunteers from the USA who confirmed this. Video footage of captured Americans was also published.

Now a source told that Marine Grady Kurpasi was also captured. Communication with him was lost. Communication was also lost with the entire detachment, in which he fought against the RF Armed Forces.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said during a briefing that an American soldier was missing. He added that no confirmation has yet been received that Grady Kurpasi is in captivity.

Note that Ukraine has created a foreign legion, which accepts citizens of other countries who are ready to take up arms to fight against the Russian military. It also includes former NATO military who have the skills to use weapons that the West supplies to Ukraine.

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