Sep 18, 2022
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Thinner Ani Lorak showed up in Russia


Singer Ani Lorak appeared in Russia for the first time after a long break and met Alena Zhigalova.

Ani Lorak is a famous Ukrainian singer. She has been on stage for a long time. For more than 10 years, the artist regularly gave concerts and lived in Russia. She raised her daughter Sophia, whom she took with her on tour and showed her native land in Kyiv. But recently, the star has stopped posting photos and talking about her life.

This time the fans were alarmed. Lorak did not even see Philip Kirkorov for several months, although they are friends. At secular parties, she was also not seen either in Russia or in Europe. But on September 17, she caught the eye of journalist Alena Zhigalova.

On the footage, Lorak appeared in trendy light jeans and a black denim shirt. The casual look was completed with tractor-soled boots. She hid her eyes behind sunglasses. At the same time, the artist embarrassedly confirmed that she had returned to Russia. She was in the elevator when Zhigalova entered.

Ani Lorak
Ani Lorak

Fans noted that the singer was built. Many guessed that Lorak decided to give an interview to a journalist.

Beautiful Carolina”, “How I lost weight”, “This is a sensation”, “The only one who did not run away to Europe”, “I lost weight and seemed to tighten my face”, “Wow, what kind of people”, “We didn’t wait, but you came”, wrote netizens.

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