Dec 31, 2020
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Things to remember when a child is left alone at home

Things to remember when a child is left alone at home

Sooner or later, any mother has to leave the child alone in the apartment. Some parents are afraid to even think about it, while others go about their business calmly, trusting the child and hoping for his independence. So when can you rely on the prudence of the baby and leave him at home unattended? And what, in this case, does the child need to know and be able to?

Many four-year-olds stay at home alone, enthusiastically playing something or watching cartoons. However, you can find six-year-old children in whom even a 10-minute absence of their parents from the apartment can cause panic. Therefore, in order to decide whether or not a child is ready to stay alone in the house, it is necessary to proceed from some measures. And age will not play a decisive role here. The main criterion in this case should be the independence of the baby.

What should be considered before leaving the child at home?

Before leaving the baby in the apartment unattended, you should check whether he is ready for this. A mother can tell the child that she needs to go away for a short while on business, and she herself can hide in another room or visit her neighbors. After 10-15 minutes, return home and pay attention to how the baby reacted to this. If the baby meets the returning mother calmly, continuing to play or watch TV, then you can safely leave him for the owner in the apartment. If the baby rushed into his mother’s arms with tears, then, most likely, it is worth waiting with the child’s independent pastime at home.

Mom’s first leaving the house should not be longer than half an hour. Little by little, the time of absence can be increased, but only when there is a firm belief that the baby is ready for this. Before leaving, the child should be distracted by some game, book or even a cartoon. In case the child gets hungry, you can leave food on the table. And be sure to remove all objects dangerous for him from the baby’s access zone: lighters, knives, etc.

Returning home, you need to once again pay attention to the baby’s condition. If he is calm, then everything is fine. If the baby is in a bad mood, he is upset about something, perhaps he was uncomfortable alone in the apartment and he is not yet ready for separation from his mother. Do not scold him, and even more so say that he, it turns out, is still small. It is better to wait a little and return to this issue a little later, when the baby is older.

A child can be considered independent if he knows how to use the phone and is able to call one of the adults, knows how to play alone in the room for a long time, follows the daily routine without reminders, cleans up the dishes from the table and toys in the evening. In addition, an independent baby knows what things in an apartment can be dangerous, he has no phobias, and he copes with his emotions himself. If the kid does not know how to do something of this, it is better not to leave him alone at home.

If the parents decide that the child is already independent enough, it is still necessary to give clear instructions before leaving. The child must know exactly how to act in certain circumstances.
  • Firstly, the child needs to remember once and for all that no one can open the front door. Moreover, this item works even when everyone is at home.
  • Secondly, you cannot answer phone calls and even more so for a long time to talk with unknown people, having previously informed that no one is at home.
  • Thirdly, it is forbidden to go out onto the balcony or open windows and throw something down. It is better to purchase caps for windows and doors so that the baby cannot open them on his own.
  • Fourthly, it is strictly forbidden to take electrical appliances and dishes. Most children love to have “concerts” using pots, spoons and forks. The kid should be explained that this cannot be done. The same goes for the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and daddy’s razor. Of course, before going out, you need to remove all dangerous items where the baby cannot get them.

However, it is impossible to foresee everything, so the child must remember all the rules and follow them strictly.

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