Oct 18, 2021
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Things in your home that shouldn’t be shown to guests

Things in your home that shouldn't be shown to guests

Each of us has something in the house that, for various reasons, should not be shown to strangers.

Each of us has something in the house that, for various reasons, should not be shown to strangers.

The arrival of guests for most hosts is a joyful event. After all, good people will surely start bypassing other people’s “possessions” by inspecting all the premises, praising the owners for their great taste and unlimited patience during the renovation. People often enjoy watching others live. But what they see does not always evoke only positive emotions in the guests.

In order not to arouse unnecessary curiosity in visitors, not to arouse envy and other bad feelings in them, the hosts should carefully prepare for the meeting. And by all means remove these five things or objects from prominent places.

Money. Paper bills, coins, wallets and credit cards should be kept out of prying eyes. Even if it is customary in your family to put “small change” in a vase by the mirror on the bedside table, remove it away for the duration of the guests’ visit. The best way to keep money is to put it in a safe or bank (if we are talking about a large amount). Smaller ones just need to be removed to a secluded place.

Religious icons and objects. Quite often, these things become the cause of a dispute between hosts and guests: why, why, where, is there any benefit, etc. …

The documents. A dishonest person, having seen important papers, can photograph them or remember the indicated data for his own purposes. What in the end will be the consequences of such carelessness, a person may not know soon. But in order not to tempt fate, important documents, like money, should be kept in a special place, away from prying eyes.

Jewelry and jewelry. Get them a special box and find a nook to store it. This is the only way you can protect yourself from theft or envy from less wealthy friends and relatives.

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