Jan 24, 2021
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They will lose everything. Per "rebellion of schoolchildren" pay millions

© RIA Novosti / Pavel Bednyakov

A publicized action of youthful disobedience took place in Russian cities. A number of criminal cases have already been initiated, among which special attention should be paid to cases of appeals to minors to participate in illegal actions and attacks on government officials during execution. Judging by the incoming news, there will be more cases in the end.

The most curious was the distribution of shares by mass: if some regional centers showed more participants than usually at uncoordinated rallies, then anti-state assets in the country’s largest cities – including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd , Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and so on – performed, on the contrary, dimly.

In this sense, the example of the capital is typical, where, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about four thousand people gathered, according to media reports – up to seven thousand, and even Reuters, it seems, could not first count more than ten thousand and only then, by purely strong-willed effort, quadrupled the figure ( in any case, the media, for example the German DW, today first referred to the first estimate that Google had saved the cache, and then hastily forwarded it to the second).

The total number of participants across the country is likely to be in the range of 30-40 thousand people – according to official figures, the liberal opposition and sympathizing media will diligently reach the decent figure of 100 thousand – and assure that this is extremely high. The same version, which is typical, will be adhered to by many conditionally patriotic commentators, repeating that “the authorities lost the information war / Russian youth to the West.”

In reality, of course, it is inappropriate to talk about any “loss of youth”, as well as about the loss of the information war for the minds.

There is a simple thing to remember here. The unprecedentedly massive PR blow that hit Russian citizens of all ages and especially strongly on students through all social platforms in the last week was, in fact, the same as the continuous massive PR campaign of scammers placing advertisements in pirate voiceovers of Hollywood novelties …

The task of any scammer is to sift the largest possible number of people and reclaim a gold-bearing resource from it: citizens who do not die out, like a mammoth, with an uncritical and magical perception. There are never many of them, there are always only a small percentage of them, half a percent, a third of a percent, a tenth – but they never completely disappear. With the words “get free bonuses and start earning up to 100,000 a week” this gold-bearing element of citizens loses its will and is magically carried on.

Therefore, in fact, advertising of scams is very often, if not always, extremely, offensively stupid. She promises too lot too fast, too immediately. This is done in order not to waste time on people with working critical thinking – and immediately get the purest possible breed of magical gullible contemporaries.

Now let’s remember what was offered to the young generation of Russian citizens:

1) a long series about a fighter against thieves and corrupt officials and Putin personally, who was hunted down by the FSB for two years in order to quietly kill the epic murderous “Novichok” – and who nevertheless miraculously survived. Despite the two-year efforts of the all-powerful special services and Putin personally;

2) the return of the fighter (just before the inauguration in Washington of the new main sponsor) and his sudden, unexpected, terribly illegal detention for violating the conditions of early release;

3) a film about a great palace, built from a blown sensation ten (!) Years ago, in which evil boring people immediately found photographs stolen from libraries of some European capitals, traces of a bad machine translation from English and a bunch of ordinary (offensive in their simplicity) manipulations;

4) after which, on all YouTube and tiktok broadcasting in Russian and in Russia, a hurricane advertising of a deliberately illegal action began, which was supposed to bring fame, recognition and social status to the participants (and in reality, it must have brought great financial difficulties and many – abrupt changes in the biography for the worse).

Attention, the question: who should have been eliminated as a result of this alchemy – and who should have fallen into the priceless sediment?

By the way, this probably explains such a strange, uneven number of participants in actions in different cities: in provincial centers, young people are less sophisticated, in life they are under much less pressure from all kinds of breeders and summoners – while in large cities even youth is used to to filter more aggressively jumping information on her. Therefore, in the half-million regional center, a thousand of the regime’s rovers came out, and in the 12-million capital – four.

The specific selection of the contingent also influenced the nature of the actions: the country was surrounded by footage in which a guy who climbed onto a lantern on Pushkin Square in Moscow with a poster against A. Navalny, peaceful protesters, growling, dragged him off and in a few seconds collectively kicked him unconscious.

… If we talk about practical conclusions for the Russian state, then they are obvious, they have been talked about for a long time, and now these conclusions simply have to be finally implemented.

Russia cannot afford the free operation of media platforms on its territory that do not interfere with or directly support anti-state propaganda and calls to crime.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and everything that will appear in the future – must unquestioningly obey Russian law and not “fulfill the requirements” to remove something, but personally shake to ensure that they are not used to violate Russian laws. The situation in which the same “Russian” Facebook is moderated by Ukrainian citizens from the centers in Warsaw and Riga is unacceptable, unthinkable and impossible anymore.

If these platforms and services do not want to open their full-fledged centers in Russia and subject their work to strictly Russian laws, then they should simply be thrown out of the Russian information space. And fashionable influencers of both sexes, flirtatiously promoting “protest” must lose everything cut off from their audiences and multimillion-dollar advertising contracts, and become poor.

Otherwise, the “protest asset” created by the new scam will still do harm – to themselves and those around them.

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