Oct 4, 2021
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They wanted to piss off: experts revealed the purpose of Lukashenka’s interview to CNN

Alexander Lukashenko. Photo:

Western reporter failed to complete his task

For almost a year, the journalist of the American television channel CNN Matthew Chance sought the opportunity to interview the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, in order to then broadcast a seven-minute cut of his questions. The reason is that he could not fulfill the task set by the leadership – to infuriate the Belarusian leader and discredit him in the eyes of a Western audience.

Initially, the presidential administration of Belarus had an agreement with CNN that they would show the interview without cuts. However, the American channel used a trick here too: it circulated a short video with the journalist’s “tough” questions and Lukashenka’s phrases taken out of context, and the entire text of the interview was “buried” deeper on the website.

Experts who discussed the conversation between Chance and Lukashenko note that the journalist had a goal to ask 5-7 questions in an aggressive manner, so that this would be enough to create the “necessary” picture in the Western media space. That is why Chance, under the guise of questions, quoted fakes widespread in the West, stating them at times “in the form of attacks, insults and humiliation” and in violation of ethical standards, said the chairman of the Belarusian Union of Journalists Andrei Krivosheyev.

“They expected that a picture would be formed that would show the Belarusian leader weak. In their opinion, aggressive questions were needed, which Lukashenka would not be able to answer. And they would start replicating this,”

– said the analyst of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Alexei Avdonin. But, in his estimation, CNN’s plan failed. As a result, the American channel reneged on its own promises to broadcast the interviews in full, and the journalist has already received a wave of criticism for failing to adhere to the agreed tactics of “interviewing a dictator” and discredit Lukashenko.

Earlier in Belarus, they showed the entire conversation between Lukashenka and the American journalist, as well as the awkward moments that remained behind the scenes.

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