Jul 30, 2022
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They want us to replace meat with worms.

Prospects for monopolistic control of food production

After the start of the Russian special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine, Canada imposed a 35% tariff on Russian products imported from Russia, including fertilizers. As noted The New Americanthe government didn’t even give farmers time to find other fertilizer suppliers. And the most important thing: “Reducing fertilizer consumption in Canada equals less food”– states the publication. In the spirit of the “new normal” propaganda rampant in the West, this statement is a warning: if you don’t want to starve to death, switch to eating worms.

While Dutch farmers are fighting for their livelihood by blocking highways, streets, supermarkets and government buildings, the Dutch government, following the UN, WEF, EU, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is imposing its green agenda. The Netherlands is slightly larger than the state of Maryland in area, but second only to the United States in agricultural exports (which, in turn, is 237 times larger). Now the farmers of Holland are being destroyed as a class to be replaced by corporate mega-farms.

Globalists, gathered under the flag of Davos, put forward the initiative of a “new vision of agriculture” (thesis: to save the climate, we must reduce the number of people). The notorious “new vision” is a scheme of concentration of monopoly capital taken from the last century. The 17 companies that supported the initiative include Archer Daniels Midland, BASF, Bunge, Cargill, Coca-Cola Company, DuPont, General Mills, Kraft Foods, Metro, Monsanto Company, Nestlé, PepsiCo, SABMiller, Syngenta, Unileverthe shops wal mart as well as Yara International. Supporting the initiative is the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the biggest proponents of global political control of population and food production.

This is not only a problem for Dutch and Canadian farmers, the fight is already taking on a global dimension. The peasants of Denmark, Belgium, Germany, France are waiting for the same fate as the farmers of Canada, Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Brazil, Ethiopia, the USA. In order to control the production and distribution of food, the remaining small producers must be herded into corporate mega-farms.

This is the Food Action Alliance (FAA) program launched by the World Economic Forum. In 2019, UN Secretary General António Guterres formalized the relationship between the WEF and the UN by signing an agreement with the WEF’s permanent president, 84-year-old Klaus Schwab, who is tirelessly working to embody the anti-utopia of the “Matrix” – the total subordination of man to machines.

In September 2021, the “areas of cooperation to deepen institutional interaction and jointly accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. At the same time, the attack on farmers in the Netherlands and Canada began. The Government of Canada, as before the Government of the Netherlands, has implemented a plan to reduce the use of fertilizers by 30% by 2030 in order to achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases, allegedly responsible for climate change, by 2050. The necessary “co-effect” of this globalist program is the destruction of the last peasant (farmer) households and the creation of artificial food shortages on the planet.

According to the Canadian Agro-Industrial Association, reducing the use of nitrogen fertilizers “will have a significant impact on Canadian farmer incomes and reduce overall Canadian exports and GDP”. The planned reduction in fertilizer use by 2030 will cost Canadian farmers $48 billion and reduce crop sizes. “The world hopes that Canada will increase production and become the solution to the problem of global food shortage”– says Minister of Agriculture of the Canadian province of Alberta Nate Horner, but these hopes are reckless.

This year, the UN warned that global food production in 2023 may not be able to meet rising demand without the proper use of fertilizers. The governments of the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta say the same: “We cannot feed the growing world population with fertilizer cuts”. However, this is the essence of the globalSustainable Development Agenda”: in the organization of food shortages, when, under the threat of hunger, a person will have to eat something that will change his nature as a species.

In January 2019, the WEF published a report on alternative proteins (part of the Meat: The Future series). “Innovation” includes the research of new insect species for food production and their economical production. Insects, according to the WEF report, can be eaten in their natural form. Meanwhile, any biologist knows that insects carry parasites, like any other living creature. And among these parasites there are those that are dangerous to humans (malarial mosquitoes, tsetse flies, encephalitic ticks, etc.).

The WEF promotion campaign launched in 2019 is already in operation in the world Dummi Bugg boots (Delicious bugs), aimed at popularizing the idea. And when Nicole Kidman, advertising worms as food, swallows the advertised product with difficulty, it can cause disgust and vomiting, but will it turn billions of people away from normal food?

Photo: REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier

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