Sep 3, 2021
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"They want to leave us alone with Russia": Turkish users started talking about "big war"

Readers of the Turkish portal Haber7 started talking about the “big war” that could begin in Syria with Russia after the US leaves there. Some believe that such a scenario is quite possible after Afghanistan, while others believe that Ankara and Moscow will not go to open conflict.

The Turkish portal Haber7 published an article about the consequences of a possible US withdrawal from Syria after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

The author of the material argues that such a step by the Americans is quite predictable, given the current situation. He believes that the US withdrawal from Syria will strengthen Turkey’s position there and will give an opportunity to “deal” with the Kurds, who are the Syrian wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

However, they noted in the comments that first of all Turkey needs to “discuss this with Russia.” Otherwise, Ankara will have to enter into an open conflict with Moscow.

“They want to leave us alone with Russia and start a big war, then they will support us in words, but they will leave us alone against Russia,” writes a user under the nickname uygar.

“Americans cannot be trusted,” Çaldıran adds ….. 1514.

“Neither the United States, nor Russia, nor Israel, nor France will make concessions,” adds Fatih.

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