Aug 6, 2022
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They want to deprive Maxim Galkin of property in Russia


The deputy demanded to check the artist Maxim Galkin and other stars.

Recently, there were rumors that some famous people who left Russia are selling their property in this country. In particular, they talked about Maxim Galkin and Chulpan Khamatova. The stars are in no hurry to comment on this information.

Today it became known that State Duma deputy Ivan Sukharev called on the prosecutor’s office to check the transactions of Galkin, Khamatov and Ivan Urgant. We are talking about the sale of housing and vehicles.

In this regard, and also on the basis of the materials of publications, I ask you to instruct you to conduct an audit for the payment of taxes on the income of the above persons and, in case of confirmation of their non-payment, take prosecutorial response measures, including the arrest of all accounts, objects of movable and immovable property with subsequent transfer to the state”, Sukharev said in a letter.

Maxim Galkin with his wife - photo from the archive -
Maxim Galkin with his wife – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

By the way, Urgant is in Russia and even continues to host corporate parties here, only his evening show on Channel One is temporarily closed for now. As for Chulpan and Maxim, they have been abroad for almost half a year. At first, Galkin with his wife Alla Pugacheva and children chose Israel to live, but now the star family is enjoying their holidays in Jurmala. With all this, the 46-year-old showman actively tours around the world and collects full houses.

Khamatova settled in Latvia, collaborates with the Riga theater. Recently, the actress admitted that she does not earn as much money as she used to while living in the Russian Federation.

Of course, this is not what I’m used to, being a famous actress in Russia, one of the highest paid. But that’s okay! A new stage in life begins, it’s great!”Chulpan recently confessed. According to rumors, the artist is going to conquer Hollywood in America and even hired an agent for this. But few of her colleagues believe in her success in the United States, RT reports.

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