Jul 1, 2020
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They shot the semifinal of children’s KVN. I look, one of the seven-year-old boys is sad …

They shot the semifinal of children's KVN. I look, one of the seven-year-old boys is sad - a little tear does not fall. I came up. I found out: today, mom again did not allow him to take the kitten home. We got into a conversation. “You understand,” I say to the boy, “the cat in the house is not a toy.” She must be looked after every day. This is a tremendous responsibility! Are you ready to take it on yourself? -Ready! - Right? - I looked at him seriously. -Sure! -Then let's call mom! We got mom. I introduced myself, explained the situation and told her that her son was a great fellow, he would definitely cope with the cat. Mom was very surprised at the call. Then I thought for ten seconds and ... agreed! The boy jumped from happiness to the ceiling. And then he spoke brilliantly. You watch other stories from the life of the Children's KVN on the STS channel since June 15. Tomorrow I will publish the schedule of games! #QVN #Children's KVN # STS #humor #talentedchildren #Russia

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