Sep 8, 2021
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They promise that salaries in Russian Donbass will rise to 35 thousand rubles

They promise that salaries in Russian Donbass will rise to 35 thousand rubles

Photo: Nikolay Trishin / TASS

Average wages in the economy of the Donbass people’s republics will grow to 35 year thousand rubles (2.3 times), and the average pension is almost 14 thousand rubles (1.3 times). The average salary of state employees will reach 29 thousand rubles. This is the level of the neighboring Rostov region.

Such indicators will be achieved as a result of the implementation of the Program of socio-economic development of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics for 2022-2024, according to the statement of their leaders. Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik

In the republics, it was also promised to create 70 thousand new jobs, restore a thousand residential buildings and hundreds of social facilities, and repair roads and communications. This will be possible if the gross domestic product per capita is increased by 75%.

Such fantastic indicators will be the result of the creation of a common economic space between the DPR and LPR. For this, the synchronization of civil and tax legislation is now being carried out, the signing of an Agreement on a single customs space is pending.

The task to bring salaries in Donbass to the level of the Rostov region was set before the new investor in the region Evgeny Yurchenko back in June. His predecessor Sergey Kurchenko over the years he brought the situation “to the handle” – miners, workers went on strike because of non-payment of already low wages.

The creation of a single economic space for the Russian Donbass began against the background of Kiev’s statements about the rejection of the Minsk agreements after the visit Vladimir Zelensky in the USA. Is this Moscow’s retaliatory step? What is the next stage then? Donbass joining Russia?

“SP” told about earnings of residents of Donbass former serviceman of the DPR army Dmitry Talantov:

– I have lived in Donbass for six years, recently I just returned. He served in the LPR militia, then in the DPR. Local residents have been hearing promises of salaries like in Rostov-on-Don for three or four years.

“SP”: – And approximately how much do they earn all this time?

– On average, probably 10 thousand rubles. Fifteen thousand for the locals is generally a beauty. In the LPR, at the most important city-forming plant – the Alachevsky Metallurgical Plant, salaries reach 18 thousand rubles. This is for the workers in the hot shop. And so people get both 7 and 8 thousand rubles. Moreover, in Luhansk it is less than in Donetsk. In Donetsk – 15 thousand – good earnings.

“SP”: – So it was with the former “overseer” of the economy of Donbass – Kurchenko. Recently he was replaced by Yurchenko …

– Indeed, another leader came. Under him, at least, they paid off the debts accumulated under Kurchenko. But the level of salaries has not changed fundamentally yet. Otherwise, people from Donbass would not have left for Russia.

“SP”: – Are they leaving?

– In droves. Especially those who have received Russian passports.

It turned out strange with these passports. For example, the military had to obtain Russian passports by order. They received. Civilians also received many. Both the first and the second are killed by the APU. Russia seems to have to protect its new citizens. But our government is still conducting some kind of incomprehensible negotiations and there is no end or edge in sight.

“SP”: – Maybe the distribution of passports and the creation of a single economic space – part of a long-term plan for the political annexation of Donbass to Russia? Customs is already being liquidated …

– Customs there: a booth on the road. Sometimes passports are checked. Whoever needs it can walk in fields – a hundred meters to the right or to the left … It is fictitious. Only during the pandemic, people were not allowed.

Director General of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin believes that the economic weakness of Donbass is a consequence of the dominance of oligarchic groups, which Russia is unable to remove from the trough.

– Customs barriers at this stage have nothing to do with it. The potential of Donbass is colossal and several times exceeds the potential of the same Rostov region.

“SP”: – And yet people live in poverty …

– In Donbass there is a problem of the presence of a subject of economic decisions and the interaction of this subject with Russia – the organization of management. There are still old oligarchs like Akhmetovawith whom shadow representatives of Russia work. For example, we have repeatedly written about the role played by Kurchenko. Then he was replaced by Yurchenko. But it does not matter. They are all from the same sandbox.

The main thing is that Russia is not building a legitimate, adequate management system there, which is locked into a more or less autonomous government of the region. Moscow seeks to ensure that the political leadership of Donbass was puppets of Russian groups authorized to deal with this region, and is sending cunning managers there who will derail this region in the interests of their corporations, without building an integral system in the interests of the population of the region.

Therefore, you can plan anything you want: economic revival, modernization … All this is done for propaganda purposes. It is clear that in response to the promises of the Kiev clowns to ensure the development of Donbass for Western investments in the event that it returns to Ukraine, our side also needs to demonstrate its readiness to ensure the region’s economic takeoff. However, there is not a single concept of economic management in the interests of the region yet.

SP: But maybe the joint statement of Pushilin and Pasechnik is a prologue to such a concept? It is unlikely that this is an amateur performance …

– Such loud statements in our country are constantly being made and it is always a prologue only to cutting the budget. There is a struggle between various corporations for money. And Donbass is no exception.

The only positive example in recent years is Crimea. There really went huge federal funds, but there was initially a subject of decision-making – a more or less consolidated team of the head of the region, which was able to transfer money to specific projects.

“SP”: – Is it because it was possible to successfully raise the Crimea, because it was accepted into Russia without any antics, and Donbass is either embarrassed or afraid?

– Of course. And this is the reason, and in relation to the region. Unfortunately, in the Donbass, due to the lack of a clear status, ties with Ukraine, mafia ties, local subjectivity is flawed. There is no full-fledged power. There are people defending Donbass, and there are oligarchic groups around the manufacturing giants who are hindering the emergence of an optimal management model. Moscow cannot do anything with them or is trying to negotiate behind the scenes. Therefore, such figures appeared as, for example, Surkov

Therefore, it is necessary to change the scheme of interaction with Donbass, to stop talking about the possible withdrawal of Donbass to Ukraine. It is necessary to unambiguously decide that there is a real, natural, organic integration of Donbass into Russia and to deal with it, regardless of who recognizes it or does not.

In turn NSProfessor of Moscow State University, member of the Scientific Council under the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Political Science Andrey Manoilo hints that such a decision has already been made:

– The economic unification of the DPR and LPR has been prepared for a very long time. And the fact that it happened right now is not connected with Zelensky’s activity, his meeting with Biden… It’s just that the time has come. All aspects, details that needed to be worked out were worked out. Resources have been accumulated to raise wages and standardize them. Therefore, the statement about the economic unification of the republics was made. The actions are absolutely correct. Moreover, this is not a one-time action, but part of a larger process. Link in a chain …

“SP”: – Does it make sense to wait for the political unification of Donbass with Russia?

– Wait, of course. I think you can hope. And it will be right.

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