Jan 5, 2022
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They hope that “the entire civilized world” will take action against the military response of Russia

What pictures of the past have inspired the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy with New Year’s promises to the Ukrainian Armed Forces that in 2022 they will be photographed in Crimea and Donbass? Are not photographs of the valiant soldiers of the Fuhrer against the background of the captured Soviet cities, which were full of Nazi newspapers at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War? The background in these photos was quite impressive: the ruins of buildings, burned-out equipment, unfortunate refugees or the corpses of Soviet soldiers. There is something in those German soldiers that is close in spirit to the gallant fighters of the Azov regiment *, designed to cleanse the captured settlements. These will willingly take part in such photo sessions. It is no coincidence that a zhovto-blakite banner with images resembling a swastika appears regularly over their trenches.

No sooner had the citizens of Ukraine come to their senses from Zelensky’s New Year’s promises, when two days later there was a call from Washington. Exactly at that very time of the day (shortly before 24.00), which in world practice is not used for high negotiations without mutual agreement. This time there was no agreement, and after a short start, Joseph Biden reminded his Ukrainian counterpart of the need to work on negotiations in the Minsk-2 format. And this does not at all correspond to Zelensky’s dreams of photo reports from the “liberated territories”. They took him in pincers long ago and are pushed to an adventure by those eager to unleash a massacre. Due to the inconsistency that arose, Zelensky’s office did not mention in its press release about the discussion of this topic between the two presidents. And what to do? After all, the president of Ukraine cannot undermine his reputation before the Ukrainian Nazis by continuing negotiations in Minsk. These are two mutually exclusive things. However, apparently, Zelenskiy is not particularly worried about this circumstance. He has long been sabotaging the work of the contact group in the capital of Belarus, without looking back at partners in Berlin, Paris and even Washington.

What then is Joe Biden? Doesn’t he understand how meaningless his instruction “to do Minsk” is? He understands and, probably, does not create illusions. Everything is clear in this matter. Let’s assume that the American side made a maneuver before the meeting within the framework of negotiations with Moscow, which will be held on January 10 and will relate to arms control and the situation in Ukraine. (then, on January 12, a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council will take place). Like, do you see how we are disposed towards a peaceful settlement of the problems that divide us?

However, these are all diplomatic evasions. How the prospects for a peaceful settlement actually look like are better seen in the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. The concentration of large military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the borders of the self-proclaimed republics is not hidden from the Russian military. According to Russian military experts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have concentrated on the directions of probable strikes more than 90,000 troops, about 450 tanks, up to 2,500 armored personnel carriers, 5 launchers of the Tochka-u TRK, 250 MLRS units (Grad, Smerch), 1050 units of cannon artillery and mortars. The 46th separate airborne assault brigade, the 93rd separate mechanized brigade, the 72nd separate mechanized brigade, and the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade are deployed in the Luhansk direction.

The 10th separate mountain assault brigade and the 28th separate mechanized brigade are operating in the Gorlovka sector; in Donetsk – the 58th separate motorized infantry brigade, the 56th separate motorized infantry brigade, the 53rd separate mechanized brigade. From the south, the 36th Separate Marine Brigade and the 44th Separate Artillery Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to operate against the DPR. These forces are enough to crush the centers of resistance of the militia. The Armed Forces of the self-proclaimed republics are three times inferior to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in number and several times behind the power of barrel fire. With such an advantage, the Ukrainian army has the theoretical ability to quickly break through to Donetsk and Lugansk and reach the border with Russia. Here it is, the desired moment!

And then? They hope that later “the entire civilized world” will take measures against the military response of the Russian Federation.

What does this situation have in common with babbling about the talks in Minsk? For Russia, the question of preparing for the protection of Russian citizens on the territory of the LPR has risen to its full height.

With the deployment of troops in Ukraine, everything is clear enough. Another thing is not clear: does Washington have serious intentions to keep its Zelensky creature from provocations, or is the war between the two republics, once fraternal, the best option for the Americans? That’s what it came to!

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