Jul 30, 2022
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They don’t want to go to the performance of Renata Litvinova even for a penny


Actress Renata Litvinova decided to make a career in Europe.

After the start of a special military operation to protect Donbass, Renata Litvinova moved to Europe and continues to work there. The star is not going to return to Russia yet.

Renata Litvinova in Russia was a real superstar – she not only played on the stage of famous theaters, but she herself staged performances, made films and staged performances. After she left the country with the singer Zemfira, the attitude of fans towards her deteriorated.

Recently, we have seen Litvinova in Paris, where she participated in shows of eminent fashion houses and presented her design work. But the desire to go out and play has not gone away, so Renata decided to go to Tallinn to present the public with a new play “Cactus” – Estonian viewers will see the premiere of a one-man show. “I will play the premiere of my new play “Cactus” in Tallinn as part of the theater festival on September 30“, – said the actress herself.

Renata Litvinova - photo from the archive -
Renata Litvinova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

In social networks, they argue about sky-high ticket prices – from 250 to 600 euros! This is a lot of money by the standards of Tallinn, which outraged the actors of the local Russian theater.

I respect Renata Litvinova as a director, as an actress, I saw her on stage, and she made a positive impression on me, but now I would not go to her performance even for five euros. After February 24, I unsubscribed from the accounts of many creative people from Russia, including Litvinova. I’m not on the road with such people, I’m just not interested in them. Many Russians who fled decided to make a career or make money in Europe for the time being.“, – says Anna Sergeeva-Marvina.

High prices – I probably can’t afford to visit this performance, but God forbid they will gather the hall“, – said Tatyana Kosmynina.

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