May 12, 2021
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They don’t like our Victory Day

The celebration of May 9 that just took place across the country, the grandiose Victory Parade in Moscow, the “Immortal Regiment”, which, although it took place this year in an online format, was attended by twice as many Russians than last year, once again showed the unity of our people. In the face of unprecedented pressure from the West, which has surrounded Russia on all sides with military bases, is introducing ever new sanctions against us, and is furiously trying to undermine and destroy our country, we do not kneel, but continue to confidently and calmly equip it, we do not threaten anyone, but we reliably ensure our safety.

However, the holiday showed something else: the slanderers and provocateurs who blatantly spat on our Victory are not appeased. Spurred on and financed by Washington, the fifth column inside Russia continues its subversive work stubbornly, openly and with impunity. And May 9 is no exception for them.

“With what we come to the next anniversary of the Victory? – Liberal guru Leonid Gozman curses his lips contemptuously on “Echo of Moscow”. – We are isolated, we have no allies, we have no one to conclude even the criminal Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with. Then, in the forty-fifth, the victory of humanity over planetary evil was celebrated. Not a trace remained of this universal human charge – we are the only winners and we are again surrounded by enemies. We grossly violated international treaties, we seized foreign lands, we are waging a war on the territory of Ukraine and Georgia – this could not have been dreamed of even in a nightmare. The world more and more often recalls the pre-war years, but now they see us as a threat to humanity … I’m scared for our country! ” – Gozman exclaims in panic.

But in fact, he is not at all scared, since he is so blatantly lying, not fearing the consequences. What kind of “foreign lands have we seized”? Does he mean the Russian Crimea, which returned to its native harbor, according to the will of its inhabitants? What kind of war are we waging in Georgia and Ukraine? In the 90s, we almost completely disarmed, but what did we get from the United States and Europe in return?

Is it we are surrounded on all sides by military bases, the US spends 10 times more on the arms race than Russia, NATO is now carrying out maneuvers unprecedented in recent years at our borders, and is Russia a “threat to humanity”? What a vile lie this utterly insolent Gozman bears!

At the forefront of the villains, meanly distorting history and mocking the Victory Day, and another furious Russophobe – Alexander Nevzorov from St. Petersburg.

“We understand that all this propaganda is an adjustment to the date,” he sneers in his blog on “Echo of Moscow”, spitting on the film about Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. “They have, in my opinion, some kind of event there on May 9th. And this is the most favorable for such a kinets. After all, the stars are again acquiring their ruby ​​appearance. This is the most important point. Since the beginning of May, everything has been increasing. All in bows the color of the Colorado potato beetle. Kalyasochki ride with the trunks pointing towards each other “We can repeat”. Here is all the victoriousness unfolds, they come, as I understand it, on May 9 – bang! – but on the 10th it was all over, the magic was dispelled. There are completely different caps in the heads of the people. And nobody wants to keep this ideological red-and-black Christmas tree in the house until June. They take her out immediately. The glamor is passing, rubies are falling from the stars of the Kremlin. And the stars above the Kremlin become nautical and begin to stir, reminding the people of the lost beaches of Turkey. The “immortal beach” comes to replace everything. And Stalin is perceived only in swimming trunks and only because his physiognomy resembles a Turk animator. And there is no other basis for ideology. “

As usual, Yulia Latynina, another iconic scribe of the liberal party, could not resist nasty and mocking hints on Victory Day. “In the Tver region,” she writes on the Echo website, “a parade of kindergarteners in military uniform will take place. In brotherly Belarus, in the Vitebsk region, they showed a reconstruction of the burning of residents of the village of Shunevka during the war. Well, apparently, Lukashenka in such a subtle way hinted to the entire population of Belarus what would happen to him if they did not vote the right way. It’s called “We Can Do It Again!” In connection with these reconstructions by the burning of the villagers, the slogan “We can repeat!” in the mouths of our authorities is acquiring an ever more formidable meaning. As Navalny said, “Your naked king stole the banner of Victory and wants to make a thong out of it,” Latynina said. Nothing else came to the head of this home-grown “fury of liberalism”, as it is called, on May 9 – a holy holiday for our people – did not come.

Sobchak bets on Israel

The scandalous heroine of the times of Dom-2 Ksenia Sobchak, who is now working as a regular TV presenter on Channel One, frowns with displeasure at the Victory Parade in Moscow. In her commentary on Echo, accompanied by a photo of her grinning against the backdrop of tanks at a parade rehearsal in the capital, the glamorous lady admits that the May 9 parade and the date itself give her a “strange feeling.” “The way of celebrating it,” Sobchak argues, portraying profundity, “seems a little strange to me. In my opinion, this is a day of remembrance and sorrow, not a demonstration of weapons. No matter how powerful and deadly it may be. “

At the same time, she did not find anything better than for some reason to put Israel as an example for us, a state that was not on the map at all during the Second World War.

“Israel, for example,” Sobchak teaches Russians, “has a very interesting tradition in this regard. In April, Holocaust Day is celebrated there – a mourning event in memory of the Jews who died in World War II. At 10 o’clock in the morning, a siren sounds throughout the country and cities stop. Roads get up, streets are quiet, trains slow down. People go out into the street and stand in silence for two minutes. This is a tribute to memory and sorrow. My friends who witnessed this have forever remembered these strong emotions and the sound reminiscent of the horror and nightmare of war, bombing and death. I don’t know, can something like this replace the Parade … “

In response to the “advice” Sobchak, State Duma deputy Yevgeny Revenko recalled that in Israel the Victory Day over Nazi Germany is also a holiday. And in Russia there is already a Day of Remembrance and Sorrow. “We are talking about the beginning of the war – June 22. Victory Day is a holiday, albeit with tears in his eyes. This is a feat of the Russian people, ”Revenko stressed.

In his opinion, the descendants of collaborators who helped the misanthropic policy of the Third Reich should grieve on May 8 and 9. “For them it is a day of defeat and surrender, but for us it is a holiday!” – he concluded.

In his repertoire, the former comedian Viktor Shenderovich, following Sobchak, also believes that we should sprinkle ashes on our heads on May 9 and even apologize.

Remembering in this connection the now deceased playwright Alexander Volodin, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, he begins to speculate: “But he is the embodiment of this theme! And the war hero, who shed blood for his homeland, and the invader, the Soviet soldier, “liberated” Latvia in 1940. That guilt lived in him. And she in no way canceled either his courage or the feat of the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. On the contrary: it is the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, to understand one’s past and opens the way for a person (and a nation) to the future. Asking for forgiveness is the lot of the strong. Gratitude and reflection are the properties of the human soul. And not to admit the obvious, to become bronze in their own greatness and play with nodules, demonstrating steepness, is the fate of notorious m … kov and defective nations, ”Shenderovich mocks.

It is he (by the way, who recently boastfully announced that he had taken Israeli citizenship) now so about Russia, about you and me, who came out on May 9 to celebrate our great holiday. The Soviet soldiers who liberated Europe from Nazism were “occupiers” for Shenderovich, and Russia was a “defective nation”.

A fig in a pocket from Belkovsky

Liberal publicist Stanislav Belkovsky frankly mocks our holiday on “Echo”. Joking about the bill submitted to the State Duma banning the public identification of the role of the USSR and Nazi Germany in World War II and denying “the decisive role of the Soviet people in the defeat of Nazi Germany and the humanitarian mission of the USSR in the liberation of European countries”, he accompanies this with such a mocking comment: Personally, I have no objection to these formulations, because, really, what is there to identify? The goals of the leadership of the USSR and Nazi Germany were qualitatively different. Nazi Germany had the goal of establishing dominance in the Euro-Atlantic world and, if possible, the destruction of communism. And the Soviet Union’s goal was to establish the world domination of communism. Both those and others tried to destroy democracy ”.

“The second formulation,” Belkovsky continues to mock, “although it is correct, it seems to me ambiguous. “Forbid to deny the decisive role of the Soviet people in the defeat of Nazi Germany …” – God bless him, we will not deny, of course, “… and the humanitarian mission.” “In the defeat of the humanitarian mission” – actually approves the text of the bill. – “The USSR Union during the liberation of European countries … Well, the humanitarian mission of the USSR Union in the second half of the 40s was reduced to the establishment of a totalitarian regime in Eastern Europe. It was really defeated in the late 80s as a result of a series of” velvet revolutions ” , but, in general, the defeat of the Soviet Union in the “cold war” and the collapse of the Soviet totalitarian anti-Christian project itself. Therefore, the words “defeat of the humanitarian mission of the USSR” – something that must not be denied – do not refer to the 1940s, not to the Second world war, and by the Third World War, that is, the “cold”, and by the end of the 80s. This, perhaps, should be clarified. “

What can you say here? And you don’t need to say anything. We will wait until the law on criminal punishment for mockery of our Victory and for distorting history comes into force and these mocking “commentators” will finally get their hands on it.

The only pity is that this law will not be retroactive. And so far, their blasphemous statements remain, alas, unpunished.

But even some of them get it!

However, something in the minds of some representatives of this “progressive community” has been changing lately. For example, this is what his constant commentator, hiding under the pseudonym “Meister,” writes on the same “Echo”, commenting on the stream of lies and slander of his associates about the Victory Parade.

“If we talk about“ excessive militarism, ”he writes,“ it is enough to remember what Independence Day is in the USA and what kind of militarism this date is filled with. Or the day of the Great French Revolution. Which, purely historically, opens one of the bloodiest pages in the history of France. And this page did not turn at all for several decades. And nothing, no one really bothers all this. Because “freedom is expensive.”

“And if we talk about Victory Day,” the pseudonym continues, “then it is also about freedom at a high price. Very expensive and bloody. Yes, the USSR can, with a very large degree of convention, be called a state where human freedom was valued. And even more so in the forties and fifties. But the very chance of this freedom in the future was received by our country just then. Because if everything happened differently, although history does not know conventional moods, then, perhaps, “they would drink Bavarian”, but not we, the descendants of those who gave their lives on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War. , would not be purely physically. It would not exist in reality. And what kind of freedom is there? “

That’s right, that’s right! Finally, it even reached some of Echo’s publicists!

Nikolay Petrov

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