Sep 1, 2021
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“They don’t even know each other”: Yulia Baranovskaya said that her children do not communicate with Arshavin’s daughter from marriage with Alisa Kazmina

Julia Baranovskaya gave birth to three children from football player Andrei Arshavin. They all live with her, the father does not care about the heirs, including from the second marriage. When asked by one of the subscribers whether the children of the TV presenter communicate with their paternal sister, Baranovskaya replied no. Moreover, they don’t even know each other.

Julia is not going to make contact with Alisa Kazmina, and even more so, to hold events to introduce their children. She doesn’t need it at all. So far, she is trying to sort out with Arshavin regarding alimony. The presenter again filed a lawsuit against the athlete and demands an increase in the amount of payments for three children.

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