Jan 16, 2022
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They do not want to take David Manukyan to the show “The Bachelor”


The producer of the romantic show spoke about the candidacy of singer and blogger David Manukyan.

Soon the sensational show “The Bachelor” will return to the screens of the country. The public is looking forward to whose heart the participants will fight for. However, the producer of the program said who exactly will not be in the project.

From the moment the season ended with the participation of Timati, the public has already begun to wonder who will be the next “bachelor”.

People hope that Misha Marvin, Milos Bikovich will come looking for their love, and they even portend the return of Yegor Creed. The most popular contenders for the role of the heartthrob were David Manukyan and Huseyn Hasanov.

David Manukyan
David Manukyan

But these options were harshly rejected by the producer of “The Bachelor” Armen Oganyan. He, apparently, was tired of the public’s thoughts about the participation of bloggers, which he sharply put it on his personal blog: “There will be no fucking Dava and Hussein!»

Even after this statement, under the publication with a teaser of a love TV show, the audience continued to write with confidence: both Dava and Hussein will be the next “bachelors”. Although there were those who added a new option – Kurban Omarov.

Loyal fans of the program assured that they are curious to follow the show anyway:No matter how hated it is, I’ll still watch it! Very interesting show“.

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