Oct 12, 2021
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“They brought the newcomers to the Durka”: the video from the “Servants of the People” party, where Zelensky was, was ridiculed on the Web

Administration of the President of Ukraine

Earlier in the network appeared a short video from the closed event “Servants”, which took place in early October in a five-star hotel in the city of Truskavets. Although the video is only a few seconds long, it provides an insight into the secret life of the country’s authorities.

The main fun started after the official part of the party. It was this moment that was filmed. Most of all at the disco, the chairman of the ruling party David Arahamia, who took on the role of a DJ, had fun. Also, users were amused by the energetic movements of the deputy Maryana Bezugla, who were immediately dubbed “the crab dance”. President Volodymyr Zelensky refrained from going out on the dance floor, but supported those who were having fun with nods and tapping.

The video was published by several Telegram channels. It attracted a lot of attention from Internet users who made fun of “Servants of the People”.

“It seems that they brought the newcomers to the dummy, they arranged a bride,” one of the commentators remarked with irony.

“I don’t understand how such little guys can stand at the head of the nation!” – the other was indignant.

“What the people are, the same is the government. They didn’t deserve anything else, ”admitted another user.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said about the meaninglessness of a dialogue with “turned inside out” Vladimir Zelensky. He suggested waiting for the appearance of adequate representatives of the authorities in Kiev.

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