Jan 15, 2022
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They are trying to deprive Sasha Zvereva of children in the USA


Singer Sasha Zvereva spoke about the persecution.

The ex-soloist of the Demo group is now better known as a blogger and mother of many children. She lives in the USA and has four children from different men. The current husband of the star is American Dan Walbran.

Sasha actively blogs and from the outside her life seems perfect. However, in reality, not everything is so rosy. The problems began six years ago, when Zvereva had just moved to the States and took part in the show “Pregnant”. Then came the second wave of popularity. However, there were not only fans, but also haters.

Wrote non-existent things and insults. They called me a “wire forty with trailers”, which is not needed by any man in America.”, — said the blogger.

Gradually formed a whole group of swindlers who are trying to ruin the star’s life. When Sasha married an American, the haters began to write that the man had psychological deviations, that he was a gigolo, he did not work anywhere, and their wedding was completely fake.

Sasha Zvereva with family
Sasha Zvereva with family

Most of all, Zverev was struck by the fact that swindlers are trying to do everything so that her children are taken away from her. “They began to call the guardianship authorities in America and make up various lies about me so that my children would be taken away from me. When they saw a bottle of olive oil on the table in stories, they assured that there was alcohol. Guardianship authorities came, checked everything, found nothing and left. It’s a bunch of crazy women, they’re just crazy! Real manic psychopathy: enjoy the suffering of other people!‘ Sasha was indignant.

Detractors began to write insults to the children of the star, they call her son Makar “fat”, and her daughter Vasilisa, who is 18 years old, is a “drug addict”. Haters wrote complaints in a cafe where the girl worked part-time. In the end, she was fired. They also contacted Vasilisa’s boyfriend and persuaded him not to meet with her.

A mother with many children developed psychosis on this basis and fear for the future of her children appeared. Zvereva hired a private detective, who has already figured out almost everyone involved in the persecution of the singer. It turned out that the leader of that gang works as a teacher with young children and is a mother herself. Sasha intends to bring her to justice.

The material damage they caused me is in the millions. I lost at least three million rubles only on advertising contracts. I’m even scared to go outside!“- admitted the star of the Network in an interview with” Interlocutor “.

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