Oct 15, 2020
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They are not divided by sex. How yesterday’s men fight for places in women’s sports

Volleyball player Tiffany Abreu and weightlifter Laurel Hubbard... If a pandemic had not happened in the world, perhaps last summer we would have watched their performance at the Tokyo Olympics. Unique athletes: Tiffany used to be a volleyball player Rodrigoand Laurel is a weightlifter Gavin...

Transgender people are born men but feel like women (and vice versa). Their rights were violated this year in Idaho. The governor has signed a law that says boys (whoever they think they are) do not compete with girls in public schools and universities. The Civil Liberties Union immediately woke up, lawsuits were rushed, and as a result, a US federal judge temporarily suspended state law. Meanwhile, in Connecticut, two high school students, finding high school students inside, underwent hormone therapy and began to take medals in women's tournaments. Their rivals went to court to stop the transgender people. Did not help. But what are the tricks of American schoolchildren (-nits), even if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave the go-ahead to transgender athletes long ago.

With the filing of Rene

For everything that happens, by and large, I must say thanks to the tennis player Renee Richards, which appeared in 1975 instead of a tennis player Richard Raskinda... Richard was born in 1934 in New York. A good Jewish boy (as Renee later said about herself) entered Yale University, became the captain of the tennis team. Then he went to serve in the Navy, then got married, made a child and ... came to the conclusion that he was not useful to those who were born. At the age of 40, Richard, having undergone gender reassignment surgery, “died” - and Rene was “born”, who wanted to participate in tennis tournaments. Her application to participate in the US Open was rejected, but Renee challenged the ban in court. In women's professional tennis, she played for 5 years, and then trained Martin Navratilov... The funniest thing is that it was Rene, with the filing of which yesterday's men began to pump women's rights in professional sports, calls the IOC's decision, which allows her like to compete with the weaker sex, “stupid”: “When I filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the US Open, I was over 40, I was no longer at my peak. " Even Richards admits that transgender people are a real threat to women's sports.

IOC and did

The IOC allowed biological men, who proclaimed themselves women, to participate in women's competitions back in 2003, while setting a prerequisite: sex reassignment surgery and a two-year course of hormone therapy to lower the male hormone testosterone. In 2016, the IOC revised its own rules: the operation is not needed, only testosterone indicators are enough. Now there is no one in the collection of new sports faces.

The Save Women's Sports Coalition audited and found 60 female athletes who seemed to be athletes. So, Canadian Rachel McKinon in 2018 won the Cycling World Championship in the Masters category (she was Canadian under 29). 22 year old Mara Gomes - The first transgender player in the Argentine Women's Football Super League (officially female 4 years ago). Made her debut in the Australian women's handball team Hannah Mones (in 2013-2015 Mounsey, whose name was Callum, played 22 matches for the men's team). 42 year old weightlifter Laurel Hubbard from New Zealand is a new look Gavin Hubbard, son of the ex-mayor of Auckland. Gavin has broken New Zealand junior barbell records, and Laurel won two gold medals at the Pacific Games last year. 35 year old Tiffany Abreu - a volleyball player of a club from São Paulo with a height of 192 cm - invested 5 thousand dollars in her appearance to finally get rid of Rodrigo, who was uncomfortable in men's teams and in a male body. Abreu's history in women's volleyball began in 2017. And this summer, the coach of the Brazilian national team Roberto said that Tiffany's level of play allows her to be called up to the team.

Was it possible?

Reasoning expert on sports medicine and anti-doping safety Pyotr Lidov:

- Where do such faces come from - not quite a man, not quite a woman? The fact is that the concept of gender itself is multicomponent. There are 6 biological components: genetic sex (set of chromosomes XX - female, XY - male), gonadal sex (gonads - sex glands), intrauterine hormonal sex, internal morphological sex (internal genital organs), external morphological sex (it is called passport), plus the male and female brain structures are different (sexual formation of the brain occurs at 5–6 months). So, at each stage of intrauterine maturation of the fetus, for various reasons, a failure may occur. As a result, we will get changes that lead to the emergence of a transgender person (one who does not identify with the sex registered at birth). But there are not so many transgender people with these genetic changes - from 0.1 to 1% of the world's population. More often we are dealing with other manifestations - these are people with mental disabilities who want to stand out in society, those whose sexual identity has been impaired under the influence of the environment, etc.

It is in relation to this social group of "originals" that we have different positions with the West. Russia, thank God, preaches the principle of the main purpose of man - the continuation of the human race with dad and mom of different socio-biological sexes. Unlike Europe, which is suffering from the principle of “democratic permissiveness,” Russia does not single out transgender people in a separate category, does not focus on the characteristics of these people and, most importantly, does not persecute them. Live yourself quietly and calmly.

But the West has a powerful influence on the IOC, hence the green light for trans in sports. What do we end up with? Take Masha, who decided to become Ivan and compete with men. There are no questions here. And all because a man is a physically stronger individual. Ivan with his female "baggage" will pass in the category "not a victory, but participation." But if on the contrary - Ivan wanted to be Masha and rushed to women's sports - problems arise here. Criteria such as testosterone levels do not make a man a woman. Yes, testosterone can be artificially lowered, but before the decline, this hormone has already worked well, forming a male type. Yesterday's man, by definition, will have an edge over his rivals. Growth, lung capacity, muscle tissue, stress resistance - all this is different for him. You cannot become a completely fairer sex after hormone therapy.

On the one hand, people are disqualified for harmless meldonium, the use of which gives some mythical advantages. On the other hand, we are launching people into women's sports, whose body type alone is already a fat plus. But there is another point that must be said, since the doors of sports are wide open for Mash-Ivanov. This is gene doping - an area where WADA functions do not even smell. Genetic failures can also be arranged artificially. To strengthen something, to suppress something. Really influence the biological sex of a person in childhood and raise some cyborgs who will become champions. This is tempting for someone. And this is very scary.

So why is the West so persistently, through the Olympic movement, throwing a transgender challenge to all world cultures and faiths? Or maybe this is a thoughtful political action under the heading "democratic freedoms", when one category of minorities is given an advantage over the majority. It is quite natural to assume that innovations will lead either to the forced refusal of countries to submit to the unequal conditions of international competitions, or to submission to the new Olympic will. In the first case, a deep crisis will arise in the Olympic movement, which will lead to the reform of the IOC and the redistribution of the Olympic Charter with the dominant influence of the unipolar world. In the second - humiliating submission through the sport of dissenting countries with the above consequences.

Yes, Russia's influence on the Olympic movement has dramatically weakened due to doping scandals. In addition, our representation in international sports communities is minimal. Therefore, hope for reason and the unification of the national Olympic committees that do not agree with the new rules of the IOC of the participating countries. And the Russian Olympic Committee is capable of taking the lead in this matter.

But what about transgender people? I see only one way to solve the problem: separate tournaments should be organized for transgender athletes. We do not deprive anyone of the right to speak, let the weaker sex compete with the weak, the strong with the strong, and you with each other. Please make your international committee, your Games. Call yourself what you want. But don't create more worries for the sport. There are enough of them there.

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