Dec 31, 2020
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“They are cleaning the clearing under Vasya.” Why CSKA parted with Ovchinnikov and Onopko

CSKA head coach assistants Sergey Ovchinnikov and Victor Onopko – this is a whole era in the history of the club. The boss worked on the team for seven years, and his colleague even longer – eleven. We went through several changes of coaches, but they themselves always remained at the headquarters. But at the end of 2020, both contracts with CSKA expired, the club did not renew them.

Giner: “Both coaches are leaving the club. That is life”

“Sergei Ovchinnikov and Viktor Onopko have worked for a long time and fruitfully in our club. Their contracts have ended, both are leaving the coaching staff. That is life. We are grateful to Ovchinnikov and Onopko for their work and wish you good luck in your future careers.

No other changes are planned. Now the team is on vacation, and on January 17, under the guidance of head coach Viktor Goncharenko, they will go to the training camp in Campoamor. The tasks are the same – to get into the Champions League zone and try to win the Russian Cup “, – said CSKA President Evgeny Giner

Of course, the departure of two eminent specialists from the army coaching staff is a loud story. But CSKA fans are unlikely to be very worried about this. If not to say the opposite. Ovchinnikov is the legend of Lokomotiv, and Onopko is the legend of Spartak. When they came to the army club, the fans were skeptical about this news, they say, are there really no exes in the coaching staff? The boss is still reminded of his past, and for several years he has continued an sometimes quiet, sometimes beyond the scope of enmity with the fans of the red and blue. Not so long ago, for example, after the match in Volgograd, the team returned to Moscow and crossed paths with the fans at the airport. They began to charge Ovchinnikov with abuse. The coaches could hardly keep the players, otherwise it would have ended in a fight.

As for Onopko, he is a more modest person in life and will never go into conflict. But his Spartak past made CSKA fans unnerved, so they would only be glad to see him leave headquarters.

Ovchinnikov: “It’s time to move on”

Sergey Ovchinnikov has already said goodbye to the team and the club’s management via Instagram.

“I am grateful to the club’s management, many thanks to the guys – CSKA has amazing players, with whom it was a pleasure to work with all these years. They are great fellows, I believe that this team has a great future, and I will worry about them.

Igor (Akinfeev) is a phenomenal goalkeeper and a wonderful person, any coach would be proud to work with him!

I would also like to thank Leonid Viktorovich (Slutskiy), who once invited me to CSKA and learned a lot from him professionally.

7 years of red and blue life have been wonderful, it’s time to move on! But first, rest a little.

Lovchev: “It looks like V. Berezutsky will become the new chief”

As the boss of the army team Yevgeny Giner has already said, the club will not look for a replacement for the coaches who left the club. And this is one of the main intrigues of the future CSKA. Renowned football expert Evgeny Lovchev believes that this wording hides, perhaps, summer retirement and the head coach Victor Goncharenko

“I have guesses why they decided to get rid of Ovchinnikov and Onopko right now. Obviously, this is due to the increased influence of the Berezutsky brothers on the club – Vasily and Alexey… Vasya is already in the coaching staff, and Lesha is among the leaders. I believe that the future belongs to them, they are clearing a clearing for them.

Perhaps Giner has foreseen everything and calculates the situation one step ahead. In the summer, Viktor Goncharenko will be dismissed, and Vasya Berezutsky will take his place. Maybe Lesha will join the coaching staff. And now it makes no sense to jerk the team and rebuild on the move – CSKA are coming second and still have chances even for the championship, ”Lovchev said.

At the same time, another specialist is a former CSKA player Victor Galyamin – was surprised at the changes in CSKA.

This decision is surprising to me, because stability is the main characteristic of CSKA. This is the most stable club in Russia over the past 20 years. It is rare to make any radical decisions. It is still difficult to say exactly what reasons prompted Goncharenko to part with two assistants, maybe over time we will find out., – said Galyamin.

There is a version that the departure of at least Ovchinnikov may be due to his contradictions with head coach Viktor Goncharenko. In the summer, the Belarusian specialist had a difficult period, and after a crushing defeat from Zenit, he went home to Belarus. It was Ovchinnikov who brought the team to the next match against Dynamo. There was a possibility that he would become the new head coach, but Goncharenko soon returned. And Ovchinnikov after that game said that at least he sees the defense in a slightly different form. If you noticed, not a word was said about the current head coach in his parting words. So much for the conflict, after which much becomes clear.

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