Jan 7, 2021
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These easy ways to keep warm during cold weather

These easy ways to keep warm in cold weather

The heating season has not yet arrived, and people who react to the cold already suffer from a lack of heat in their cozy houses or apartments. In such a situation, the easiest way to insulate is to use a heater. Although this option is not bad, it will not work to call it economical.

Perhaps you should pay attention to other methods. To keep your home warm, take note of the following guidelines.


Pay attention to the walls of your home. If their thickness does not exceed 40 cm, then it is time to change something, so as not to chatter teeth from the cold.
Think about insulating them: foam or other materials with low thermal conductivity will not let you freeze in frost.


Do you know why we open curtains or blinds in the morning and close them in the evening? It’s not that in the dark you can see everything that happens in your home.

Just in the evening, windows are the main source of heat loss. When it’s light outside, seize the moment to warm up your house with free energy of the sun’s rays, simply by opening all the curtains.

In addition, windows can be insulated with foam rubber or foil. True, the annual red tape with pasting window frames is clearly boring.

There is an option, although more expensive, but more rational – the installation of metal-plastic windows. They will reduce heat loss several times, and you can forget about drafts.


Not everyone can afford a heated floor. In this case, an ordinary carpet comes to the rescue. Lay him on the floor – his feet will be soft and, most importantly, warm.

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Turn off the light and light a candle, pour yourself some hot fragrant tea, cover yourself with a blanket, having previously chosen an interesting movie to watch.
With such comfort, the cold is gone, especially when you are still warm in the arms of your loved one!

Since you no longer wear a T-shirt and shorts at home in the cold season, buy yourself terry socks and warm pajamas to enjoy the warmth.

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