Dec 29, 2020
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These 10 houseplants can survive in any environment

These 10 houseplants can survive in any environment

To provide a full-fledged feeling of comfort and purification of the air in the house, indoor plants are a must.

They cheer up and delight the eye. Unfortunately, not all of our apartments are sufficiently lit to support the full growth and development of decorative indoor plants.

We offer a selection of 10 of the most shade-tolerant plants that can survive without an abundance of sunlight.


This plant with beautiful patterned leaves will brighten any room. Partial shade is an ideal place for him, because bright sunlight can lead to curling and fading of the leaves.

Ivy (heder)

In nature, he feels great in the shade of forests. Ivy is used for vertical gardening of rooms or as a ground cover plant. It perfectly cleans the indoor air. Ivy is not picky about the soil, but loves regular watering.

Dracaena margin

The exotic look of dracaena attracts the eye, but, despite the external similarity, it has nothing to do with palm trees. This plant should be kept out of sunlight and sprayed regularly to avoid drying out the tips of the leaves. Water it sparingly.


Choose a semi-shaded spot for this plant. Ferns are considered easy to care for, but keep in mind that they will immediately react to dry air and lack of moisture in the soil.

Philodendron heart-shaped

A liana with fleshy leaves came to our homes from the humid forests of Central and South America. A plant that tolerates shade well, but in winter it is better to rearrange it in a more illuminated place in order to avoid excessive stretching of the stems.


People also call it “female happiness”. During flowering, which can last for several months, spathiphyllum is extraordinarily beautiful! Prune old yellowed leaves regularly to encourage new ones to grow.


The ideal indoor dweller, even for novice florists! It often should not be transplanted: plant roots are better in a confined space.

Sansevieria three-lane

This plant requires no special introduction! “Mother-in-law’s tongue” is actually very difficult to ruin, it can adapt to any conditions.

Aspidistra high

Under natural conditions, aspidistra grows in cool shaded places, therefore, in a city apartment, it does not require intense lighting. Ideal for rooms that face north.

Scindapsus (Epipremnum)

Grows fast, does not require frequent replanting, forgives watering delays: ideal for beginners. Grows well even in the back of the room.

As you can see, there are a large number of indoor plants for which keeping in the shade is not a problem. Now you can green even the darkest corner of the house: choose the plant you like!

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