Oct 31, 2021
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There will be no electricity – the wind is over

There will be no electricity – the wind is over

Scientists are baffled by the global calm that has descended to Earth, seemingly only to prevent humans from using the forces of nature to generate electricity.

Wind energy experts say the phenomenon may be the result of global warming, which has brought wind turbines to a standstill in almost all of Europe.

The owners of wind farms are wondering: what will happen to them if the wind does not return with sufficient strength? After all, they have been convinced for a long time that wind power generation is the main component of the new green energy industry.

The British edition of the Daily Mail writes that groups of scientists modeling weather conditions argue that as global temperatures rise, the wind speed will continue to drop, which should have helped to get rid of greenhouse carbon dioxide and spin the blades of wind turbines. Since 1980, wind power over continents has declined by 15 percent. England is experiencing the longest calm in a decade, with wind turbines operating at only 11 percent of their capacity in February and March this year, a strong warning of the likelihood of an energy crisis, but the government did not respond to the calm and continued to subsidize the erection of giant rotating blade towers.

But now there is no time to save the planet! To bring warmth to homes and offices this coming winter, Europeans are forced to increase their dependence on coal and gas, which are harmful to the atmosphere. However, their prices skyrocketed against the backdrop of declining supply in the global energy market. This is how it happens when incompetent people get down to business, who do not know how to calculate the consequences: actively decommissioning nuclear and coal power plants, they have relied on unreliable energy sources. And this is what their struggle for the environment has turned into!

Nikolay Ivanov.


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