Sep 4, 2021
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There will be a positive result, – Zelensky on relations with Russia

On September 3, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, being on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean (Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok, and Vladimir Zelensky in Stanford, USA), spoke about the prospects for relations between Moscow and Kiev.

On the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum, Putin called the current situation “absolutely abnormal and unnatural” and expressed confidence that “sooner or later – the sooner the better – we will restore our relations with Ukraine on a full scale.”

The President of Ukraine agreed with him remotely.

Speaking at Stanford University in the United States, Zelensky said that over the years in relations between Russia and Ukraine and Russia, “something will change, we are still neighbors, and there will be a positive result.”

“We have a common history, we have common victories and a lot of great people. But it so happened that the policy of the Russian Federation is different. Another. It is aimed at taking away something, not giving it away, ”Vladimir Zelensky is trying to shift responsibility for cooling relations on Moscow.

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