Sep 16, 2020
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There were photos of how Elena Yakovleva’s freak son looks without tattoos on his face

18:00, 09/16/2020

Denis Shalnykh took part in an unusual experiment to show himself in a natural way.

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Elena Yakovleva in 1990 married the actor Valery Shalnykh. Two years later, the firstborn was born in the family - son Denis. From early childhood, the boy was introduced to the world of cinema. At the age of 11, he starred in the TV series "If tomorrow is a hike." As a teenager, Denis Shalnykh went to study abroad, and then returned to Moscow in order to get a director's education. In the third year, the son of Elena Yakovleva lost interest in the field of cinema and became interested in tattoos.

The body of Denis Shalny is 70 percent covered with drawings. The bright appearance of the son of Elena Yakovleva has become the object of increased attention of journalists and the public. The artist admitted that she had resigned herself to such a hobby of her son and noted that he had no addictions, for example, to alcohol or drugs.

Dmitry Shalnykh recently took part in the experiment of the SRSLY edition - his tattoos were painted over with foundation to see how the young man would look without them. His natural face without drawings on the son of Elena Yakovleva did not make an impression. “Do I like myself without tattoos? Not really. It's strange somehow. I'm so used to them. Give me back the huge bags under my eyes, then it will be fine! " - he shared his impressions with journalists.

There were photos of how the son of Elena Yakovleva looks without tattoos on his face

Denis notes that he began to get tattoos on his face, as the rest of his body simply ran out of space. The only "clean" place - this is the back. Crazy did not make drawings there, as he would not be able to see them. Denis got his first tattoo on his left leg at the age of 17. “Now I understand that when a person tries to change something in himself so early, then he definitely has some complexes. What did I have? I honestly don't remember. But there must have been something. Maybe he was not popular with the opposite sex. Well, the face and face, it also has skin that can be used. I didn’t think there would be such a violent reaction - at least, among Internet users, ”said the son of Elena Yakovleva.

There were photos of how the son of Elena Yakovleva looks without tattoos on his face

Due to numerous tattoos, Denis did not have any problems with work. The son of the actress notes that he was never eager to work where it is impossible to express oneself, including drawings on the body. Crazy for several years he worked as a barber in a salon, and now he does haircuts at home. “In the theater and on television, he worked as a stage director, then - just as a stage worker. He was also a teacher in a children's camp. Children, by the way, reacted normally. On the first day of acquaintance, of course, they asked, “what?”, “How?”, “Why?”, And on the second day they already forgot - everyone went about their business. Yes, and I do not look scary, I do not have a "cat face" - when a bunch of Botox is nafigachen and fangs stick out. I behave normally, so there is simply nowhere to get a negative reaction, ” - added Denis in a conversation with reporters.

Denis Shalnyh without foundation on the face

Denis Shalnykh also noted that he visited a psychotherapist, but his visits were not associated with tattoos. The specialist's son Elena Yakovleva was three times when he felt that he could not cope with life situations. Denis noted that he took antidepressants to feel better.

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