Jan 10, 2021
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There was a video of how Timati’s 6-year-old daughter learns to ride a snowboard

02:16, 01/10/2021

The rapper’s mother published footage of Alice’s classes with a coach.

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Rapper Timati became a father for the first time in 2014. Then, in the relationship of the musician with the model Alena Shishkova, a daughter, Alice, was born. The lovers were unable to create a strong family and parted in the same year. However, they managed to maintain a good relationship in order to raise their daughter together. Also, Timati’s mother, Simon Yunusova, takes an active part in Alice’s life. In November, on her microblog on Instagram, she posted a video of the rapper’s six-year-old daughter talking about herself. Alice noted that she wants to become an artist, as she really likes this profession. The girl also plans to have a lot of dogs and start learning French. She also admitted that she loves surfing and skateboarding, but she does not like visiting beauty salons at all.

Today Simona Yunusova shared with her subscribers footage of her granddaughter’s vacation. The rapper’s mother posted a video of Alice learning how to snowboard. “The new snowboard is only 10 cm longer, and how difficult it was to curb it! I have no doubt that everything will work out with such a coach))) “, – commented on the staff of Simona Yunusova (The author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. Prim. line.).

There was a video of how Timati’s 6-year-old daughter learns to ride a snowboard

Note that Timati’s second child is the son of Ratmir, who was born in a rapper’s relationship with model Anastasia Reshetova. The boy was born in the fall of 2019, but a year later, his stellar parents announced their separation. The ex-lovers have not yet announced the reasons for the breakup, which gave rise to many rumors. Many Internet users and Timati’s colleagues in show business considered this a PR move to attract attention.

Internet users also the artist’s mother, Simon Yunusova, who communicates quite closely with her son, was accused of parting. However, the musician’s mother, tired of the flow of anger and aggression in her direction, decided to clarify the situation on social networks. In her microblog on Instagram, she wrote that she never interferes with the personal lives of her sons and prefers to watch everything from the outside. It is worth noting that Anastasia Reshetova herself also emphasized that she did not consider Simona to be the culprit of the discord in her family with Timati.

Timati and his son Ratmir

After parting, Timati and Anastasia Reshetova announced their participation in two major television projects. The rapper became the main character of the show “The Bachelor”. There were many who wanted to take part in “The Bachelor” with Timati. More than 30 thousand girls submitted applications, of which only 25 were selected. Their names are still kept secret, since the TNT channel viewers will be able to see the show only in the spring of 2021. Timati himself is confident that the season with his participation will become the most popular in the entire history of the existence of a romantic project on Russian television. By the way, Anastasia Reshetova criticized the rapper’s decision to participate in the eighth season of the Bachelor show. The model said that after that, she would definitely not renew a close relationship with the rapper.

Reshetova was offered to become the host of the show “You are a top model”. The project will be filmed in the original America’sNextTopModel format and will appear on TNT. The organizers report that the main prize of the show is three million rubles, the title “You are a top model on TNT” and a dream job. Anastasia will be co-hosts Gosha Kartsev and Alexander Gudkov.

Shot from the presentation of the show “You are a top model”

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