Oct 2, 2021
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“There was a bright frequent sex”: Anastasia Volochkova told about another new chosen one

The scandalous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova admitted that she had found another lover. According to the artist, he is young and sexy.

“In the first person, I want to say that I really have a romantic relationship with a handsome and sexy man right now. He has nothing to do with show business. He loves me very much and it is mutual … ”, – Anastasia shared.

She noted that the new boyfriend treats her like jewels and showered with gifts, but in general, she is always in a relationship, because she cannot be without attention and frequent sex.

“I always have a relationship, that’s the way I am! Beautiful, luxurious and always surrounded by male attention. I can’t live without it. I got used to falling asleep and waking up with a loved one in the same bed. My man treats me like a jewel. This is a great joy! I want to leave this space for myself. Be happy for me without envy. Many women dream about this … so that everything is harmonious, so that there is bright, frequent sex. I have it, I wish you the same, ”concluded Volochkova.

Subscribers noted that “somewhere they have already heard all this,” but many were glad for the ballerina.

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