Jan 25, 2021
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There is not enough strength for anything: as if to return them by opening the Muladhara chakra

There is not enough strength for anything: as if to return them by opening the Muladhara chakra

It often happens so that you don’t want to do anything – there is no strength, lust, disposition and physical energy. If you are experiencing the same thing at the moment, there is a great chance that you have problems with the chakra called Muladhara.

There is like a universe of six holes through which your everyday energy and strength flows. For this reason, many people may have problems with Muladhara. However, you should not sound the alarm ahead of time, because it will be simple to bring it back to life.

The real chakra will be in the lower part of our body – in the coccyx area. It is directly related to the energy of the elements of the Earth, which feeds people with strength and desire to work. Muladhara is the chakra that sustains life, gives physical health. When it works falsely or loses its activity, the person loses strength.

Muladhara, also called the underside chakra, in a bad state leads to the fact that a person loses confidence in his abilities. He begins to hesitate in himself, becomes irritable, directs the small remnants of his energy into a destructive bed.

When Muladhara is great, general well-being improves, a person regains the meaning of life, gets up in the morning with a good disposition and with the knowledge that everything will be good. Luck of the ages follows such people, so the underside chakra can be revered as one of the most important.

The first thing to remember is that the decline of this chakra, as if its opening, will be briskly. If you feel that strength and energy are leaving you and you are very tired, try to stop wearing black clothes. It leads to an even greater loss of strength during problems with Muladhara. The most important color for stimulating and activating this chakra is red… It is harmless that it was not a bright red nuance, but closer to brown.

Muladhara is associated with human mobility. Actually, therefore, when it is closed, the carnal tone disappears. You can return it and improve the work of the underside chakra with the help walks, walking… It is necessary do sport or at least do a little exercise during breaks during sedentary work. A sedentary lifestyle greatly oppresses Muladhara, so almost all office workers have problems with it.

Very healthy talisman stones for activating this chakra can be considered stones of the elements of the earth: obsidian, opal, hematite, agate quartz, agate. In combination with cupronickel and ceramic jewelry, the result will be simply magnificent. Also, some red stones of other elements can be useful: garnet, coral, ruby.

The aromas of the trees will also be very healthy when the chakra opens. This is about the smell of cedar, ate.

The opening of Muladhara occurs when we feel important, for example, during recreation… The chakra opens over the weekend, and on weekdays we use all its benefits. Actually, therefore, experts advise the century as if it should be resting. The horoscope of relaxation can help you with this.

Muladhara opens when a person experiences positive emotions, so the underside chakra does not suffer in those who is engaged in idolized business… The opposite situation is observed in people working in a hated job.

The very important Muladhara is revealed in native walls, it is unusual if the house is immaculately and tidy. Try to maintain order and cleanliness in your home, then the Muladhara will remain more open and ready to help you in a difficult situation.

Also become familiar with how to work with the love and abundance chakras. Remember that they must all be in good working order. It often happens that the decline of one chakra leads to problems with the rest.

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