May 15, 2020
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“There is no sense of style”: Anika Kerimova appreciated the appearance of Petrosyan’s wife

Tatyana Brukhunova loves exquisite clothes and accessories. In his microblog, the young wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan regularly shares photos of her exquisite outfits.

Tatyana never spared money on expensive wardrobe items, only with their selection and combination wife Evgeni Vaganovich has serious problems, says the famous designer Anika Kerimova. A specialist who works with many leading Russian pop stars notes: Brukhunova really buys good, high-quality and stylish things, but they often do not fit her type of appearance and figure.

Tatyana does not have such a sense of style, Karimova says, because the things she buys look absolutely not harmonious in combination with each other. In part, the specialist continues, sellers who are ready to sell everything to their wealthy customers can be guilty of this, completely not worrying about how the buyer will look in all these things.

“Tatiana Brukhunova, of course, has no sense of style. All things seem to be from different worlds! Tatiana does not know how to choose a wardrobe at all. I think she comes to the store and buys those things that just fit her size, " quotes Kerimova.

Anika is sure: problems Tatyana can be corrected - for this she just needs to turn to professionals in her field for help.

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