Feb 23, 2021
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There is no “oil needle”. National project contributes to the growth of exports of agricultural products

According to the Russian Export Center (REC), non-resource non-energy exports in 2020 exceeded $ 160 billion, and its share in total Russian exports for the first time in 20 years reached 48%. To increase it to 70% by 2030 is the key goal of the international cooperation and export national project.

It was possible to achieve high indicators within the framework of the national project thanks to support measures at all stages of export projects. Exporters are provided with financial and non-financial assistance: they are given export subsidies, help in analyzing markets for goods, participating in exhibitions, searching for potential buyers, and certification of products.

The growth drivers were precious metals and products of the agro-industrial complex (AIC). Thanks to the high level of development of agriculture and the food industry, the export of the agro-industrial complex increased by 18% and exceeded $ 30 billion.In 2020, supplies of beef abroad increased 2.6 times, pork – 2 times, wheat – 20%, vegetable oils – by 16%. The most popular export destinations for agricultural products are Turkey, Egypt and China.

Altai chickens “flew” to China

One of the largest producers in the Siberian Federal District is the Altai Broiler company. The enterprise sells products in more than 10 regions of Russia and has established export supplies to Kazakhstan.

In 2020, Altai Broiler was included in the list of Russian enterprises, whose products meet the export requirements of China. Chicken legs and wings are in great demand in the Celestial Empire, from which various snacks and snacks are made. This product is considered a great delicacy in China: dishes with the addition of sweet and sour sauce are made from chicken legs and even sold in packages as chips.

Natural tea will be tasted in Germany and Australia

The Koporsky tea enterprise from the Leningrad region is engaged in the production of natural tea based on narrow-leaved fireweed, collected in the vicinity of the ancient fortress of Koporye and processed according to old Russian technology. This drink has a recognizable taste and a transparent, rich amber color. It is a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

In 2020, the Koporsky Tea company signed a contract for the supply of tea to Germany for 30 million rubles. Product shipments have already begun. Russian tea will be sold in organic stores. The company is now preparing to deliver a trial batch of tea to Australia.

The export of goods that somehow help to fight the coronavirus pandemic has noticeably increased: disinfectants and agents, diagnostic reagents, as well as packaging and materials for their manufacture. For example, the export of drugs and medical equipment for 11 months of last year increased by 41 and 45%, respectively. Along with this, the export of polymers increased by almost 40%.

Demand for Russian antiseptic

The M9 Pharm company from the Samara region, a manufacturer of antiseptics based on silver nanoparticles, exports its goods abroad with the assistance of the Export Support Center. One of the main sales channels for the product is the federal network of duty-free shops.

In a pandemic, the management of M9 Pharm relied on an antiseptic gel and was not mistaken. The demand for a disinfectant turned out to be high: in the 3 spring months of 2020, more than 500 thousand bottles of gel were produced (for comparison: for the whole of 2019 – only 80 thousand).

The antibacterial and antiviral effect of the product is confirmed by the results of testing in the laboratory of the Ministry of Health and the Research Institute of Disinfection of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare The antiseptic gel is non-toxic and has a prolonged effect.

The export support center helped the company to conduct marketing research on the Chinese market. And now, by joint efforts with him, it will register a trademark in this country.

The company has potential partners in Europe as well. The Center’s specialists are currently modernizing its website and helping to prepare for the registration of a European trademark.

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